‘The Rise of Skywalker’ Left Out the Empowering Storyline Star Wars Fans Wanted Most

Finn is a special Star Wars character. Played by John Boyega, Finn made a splash in Disney’s first Star Wars installment. His character was special in a number of ways. First, pre-Disney films never humanized Stormtroopers. Although fans know that there are people in those white armored suits, none are ever so much as given names. They are faceless tools of the empire. But by the end of the new Disney trilogy, Stormtroopers take on a new role in the Resistance, mostly thanks to Finn. Fans thought Disney should push Finn’s journey farther by including this scene from a previous script. 

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Disney should have included Finn’s Stormtrooper rebellion

When an alternate script for the latest Star Wars movie, titled Duel of the Fates, was leaked as Esquire reports, fans on Reddit couldn’t help but compare what was to what could have been. Duel of the Fates was much darker than Rise of Skywalker, so in a lot of ways, it’s a good thing Disney didn’t follow it to a tee. Still, there were parts that fans wished had been included in the final draft of the ninth Star Wars movie. Luke Skywalker could have had a bigger role, and Kylo Ren could have been allowed more depth. But one of the scenes fans wanted most was Finn’s Stormtrooper rebellion. 

In Rise of Skywalker, viewers learn about a squad of Stormtroopers who rebelled similarly to Finn. It’s not clear why they left the First Order, although a subsequent novelization suggests it has to do with the fact that they were all Force-sensitive, according to Screenrant. But the Stormtrooper rebellion in Duel of the Fates is much more satisfying and gives Finn the moment he deserves. The original script had Finn himself leading the rebellion, using his sharp leadership skills. Not only is it a satisfying way to end Finn’s arc, but it would have changed the message of the film entirely. If Finn leads the rebellion, then the message of the movie is that anyone can be a leader, resist, and do the right thing, regardless of their status with the Force. The way Rise of Skywalker ended up, fans are left to assume that the only people who do the right thing are those who are predisposed to it. Not exactly an inspiring message. 

Fans think ‘Rise of Skywalker’ would have been better with more Finn

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Specifically, fans wanted to see the Stormtrooper rebellion written in Duel of the Fates. As one fan on Reddit wrote, “They were so close to having a proper Finn stormtrooper rebellion too. All the ingredients are there.” 

Other fans agreed. It wouldn’t have taken up much screen time to give Finn his moment. Attributing the Stormtrooper rebellion to Finn would have been more impactful. Another fan commented that Jannah the ex-Stormtrooper didn’t seem like a fully developed character. “I think it’s because they attributed her rebellion to the force instead of being inspired by Finn. I think if they had explicitly stated that they mutinied because of Finn and then had a scene where Finn meets all of the former stormtroopers (and they viewed him like a savior) it could’ve really been something special.”

Making Finn the hero would have made a statement

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Finn is the first Stormtrooper to be given a name, and become a main character. He’s also one of the first Black main characters. While the original series had Lando Calrissian, and the prequels had Mace Windu, both were in supporting roles. Finn plays more of a major part and is even prominent on many of the posters for The Force Awakens. 

Unfortunately, his inclusion caused racist trolls to crawl out of the woodwork. But Boyega didn’t let racist rhetoric get him down. In fact, he’s very vocal about issues of racial justice and has made it clear he will fight for such. Boyega and Finn have their passion for what’s right in common. Disney should have included Finn’s Stormtrooper rebellion for the statement it would have made. All Star Wars films are about overthrowing an oppressive regime. By having a Black character lead the unprecedented mutiny of the regime’s soldiers, Disney would have made a bold statement about race.