The Royal Family’s Favorite Alcoholic Beverages (Including What Princess Diana Loved to Drink)

Whether you prefer beer, wine, or a fancy cocktail, there’s a delicious beverage for just about anyone who chooses to indulge. And while the royals are different from us commoners in many ways, it’s true that they also love to imbibe. When it comes to their favorite beverages, we did a deep-dive to see who loves to drink what.

Here’s what the royals are known for indulging on.

Queen Elizabeth II

Meghan Markle and Queen Elizabeth
Meghan Markle and Queen Elizabeth | Jeff J. Mitchell/Getty Images
  • Dubonnet cocktail, dry martini, Champagne, wine

When it comes to a preferred (and varied) selection of drinks, no one does it quite like a queen. Mamamia notes her cousin Margaret Rhodes has said in the past the the queen prefers a Dubonnet cocktail before lunchtime. This drink involves a fortified wine added to a glass of gin with sliced lemon.

That’s typically not her only drink of the day, however. Queen Elizabeth has also been known to have wine with lunch and a dry martini or champagne in the evening hours.

Prince Philip

  • Boddingtons beer

Queen Elizabeth may have seriously refined taste, but it’s much simpler for Prince Philip. Supercall notes he prefers beer over other types of alcohol. As for his favorite, he loves Boddingtons beer, which is a regional choice from Manchester. Unfortunately, Boddingtons Brewery shut down in 2005, so he’s now forced to drink other types.

Princess Margaret

  • Scotch and soda

Since the airing of The Crown, there’s been plenty of discussion regarding Princess Margaret’s habits (her lavish morning routine is really quite something). And as far as drinks are concerned, Scotch Whisky notes Margaret had a serious love for Famous Grouse scotch, and she seemed to like to have it with soda. As Gordon Ramsay is famously quoted for saying after Margaret went to his restaurant, “She started with Scotch and went on drinking for three hours. … I find it hard to believe she could have tasted the pudding.”

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton with her mother, Carole Middleton, and sister, Pippa
Kate Middleton with her mother, Carole Middleton, and sister, Pippa | Christopher Furlong/Getty Images
  • Jack Daniels, fruity cocktails

Kate has been spotted with many drinks over the years ranging from beer to wine to cocktails. And it’s noted that she enjoys Jack Daniels when it comes to whisky. But Supercall explains sources claim before she was a royal, she really loved piña coladas and a cocktail known as the Crack Baby, which involves vodka, raspberry liqueur, passion fruit, and Champagne.

Prince William

  • Stella Artois and Guinness beer

It appears William is  more of a beer guy, according to Mamamia. The publication reports he’s a particular fan of Stella Artois these days — though that wasn’t always the case. Back in his college days, he was reportedly a fan of a cocktail that included brandy, peach liqueur, and Champagne.

Prince Charles

  • Laphroaig 15-Year whisky

As for Prince Charles, his favorite drink is an easy pick. During an interview with The Telegraph, he revealed his favorite drink, hands-down, is Laphroaig whisky, and other reports have said he prefers the 15-Year variety. He’s even called this smoky drink “magic.”

Camilla Parker Bowles

  • Wine, gin and tonics

Supercall notes Camilla has spoken about her love of wine in the past, as she’s even stated that she drew up drinking the beverage as they do in France. Nowadays, it seems the royal has taken a particular liking to gin. And reports she and Prince Charles also travel with their own booze so they never have to worry about it being spiked.

Prince Harry

Prince Harry
Prince Harry | Chris Jackson – WPA Pool/Getty Images
  • Ciroc Ultra-Premium vodka

Not many of the royals seem to favorite the light liquors, but Prince Harry reportedly is a big fan of Ciroc Ultra-Premium vodka, The Drinks Business says. What sets Ciroc apart is that it’s made from grapes, so perhaps that’s why it’s up to Harry’s standards.

Meghan Markle

  • Spicy tequila cocktails, Negronis, white and red wines

Most people know this royal as being a wine-lover thanks to her statement in an interview with The New Potato. “God, do I love wine — a beautiful full red or a crisp white,” she memorably said. And since then, she’s also mentioned that she’d take a glass of wine over a chocolatey dessert any day.

As for other drinks, in the same interview, she also mentioned that she loves a “spicy tequila cocktail, Negroni, or good scotch (neat).

Princess Diana

  • Peach bellini, white wine

Diana reportedly wasn’t much of a drinker — but she did have one indulgence she enjoyed. Peach bellinis were her beverage of choice, and they include a blend of Prosecco and peach puree. The story goes that this is what Diana drank when she dressed as a male model and visited a gay bar with Freddie Mercury.

As for her drink of choice on less special occasions, dry white wines were also a favorite.

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