The Royal Family’s Favorite Honeymoon Spots Are Surprising

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle just tied the knot and Princess Eugenie and her fiancé Jack Brooksbank will follow later this year. After months of planning, we’re sure that both couples are looking forward to the moment when they can finally step back from the spotlight and spend some quality time together relaxing.

We’re not sure where Harry and Markle will honeymoon. However, because the British royal family is super traditional, they have been known to favor a few special places for their first few weeks as married couples. Check out the stunning and lavish spots that the royals frequent for their honeymoons.


North Island, Seychelles

North Island, Seychelles | North Island, Seychelles via Instagram

After they were married in front of 20 million television viewers back in 2011, Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton jetted off to the stunning islands of Seychelles. Full of white beaches across its 115 islands, the East African country is a royal and celebrity favorite.

The prince and the duchess stayed at the exclusive and private North island in a luxury villa called Villanovo, which cost an astounding £5,000 per night.

Brad Pitt and George Clooney also spent their honeymoons there, so you know it’s plush.

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Columbia Beach Resort, Cyprus

Columbia Beach Resort, Cyprus | Columbia Beach Resort

When your husband is a rugby player, you might have to postpone your honeymoon so that you can schedule it when he’s not in season. That’s exactly what happened with the queen’s granddaughter, equestrian Zara Tindall. Tindall married her husband, former rugby player Mike Tindall back in 2011.

When the new couple finally decided to jet off, they headed to Cyprus, a small country in the Middle East. They stayed at the five-star Columbia Beach Resort where they spent their time sunbathing and reading. It probably helped to get away because the rugby player was caught canoodling with an ex-girlfriend just before the honeymoon.

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The Mediterranean

The Mediterranean Sea: French Riviera, France

The Mediterranean Sea: French Riviera, France |

It might seem super romantic to sail around the Mediterranean sea on the lavish Royal Yacht Britannia for two weeks, but you’d have to be excited about your marriage for anything romantic to go down. After their 1981 wedding, Prince Charles and the late-Princess Diana boarded the yacht and set sail. Unfortunately, the honeymoon set the tone for their marriage.

Secret letters from the princess were unearthed later, and she described her honeymoon as the perfect trip to “catch up on sleep.”

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Balmoral Castle on the Balmoral Estate in Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Balmoral Castle on the Balmoral Estate in Aberdeenshire, Scotland | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Though they might seem proper and put together, especially since they are in their wiser years, Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Philip are actually super outdoorsy. It’s no wonder then that in 1947 after they tied the knot, the two decided to head to Scotland to celebrate their marriage.

They stayed on the Balmoral Estate in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Full of lush greenery, history, and castles, this was the perfect location for the traditional couple. It was also nostalgic for the queen since she often spent her summers in Scotland with the Queen Mother.

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Queen Elizabeth II honeymoon

Princess Elizabeth of Great Britain and her husband Philip the Duke of Edinburgh, pose during their honeymoon, 25 November 1947 in Broadlands estate, Hampshire. | AFP/Getty Images

Preferring to stay close to home, especially since Britain was just coming out of World War II, Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh first headed to Hampshire in England before heading to Scotland.

In Hampshire, which is located on the Southern coast, the young couple stayed at Broadlands, owned by Prince Philip’s Uncle Earl Mountbatten.

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The Azores

The Fire Lagoon is seen on the Sao Miguel island, in Azores, on July 1, 2015.

The Fire Lagoon on the Sao Miguel island, in the Azores. | Patricia De Melo Moreira/AFP/Getty Images

Prince Charles’ younger brother, Prince Andrew, might have had a tumultuous relationship with his ex-wife and current partner Sarah Ferguson, but at least their honeymoon was stunning. When the young couple married in 1986, they hopped on the Royal Yacht Britannia and sailed to the Azores Islands near Portugal.

The Azores are full of astounding landscapes that include miles of green pastures and rows of blue hydrangeas. The views had to be out of this world.

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The Caribbean

A beach in the Caribbean

A beach in the Caribbean | travnikovstudio/iStock/Getty Images

If you’ve ever been to the Caribbean then you know how refreshing and relaxing the pure blue waters, constant sunshine, and stunning environments are. Queen Elizabeth’s sister, Princess Margaret chose the Caribbean as her honeymoon location when she married photographer Anthony Armstrong-Jones in 1960.

Hoping aboard the trusty Royal Britannica, the couple visited Antigua, Mustique, and Trinidad, among others. It seemed like the perfect thing to do in order to escape the prying eyes of the U.K. press and public.

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Windsor Castle is the family home to British kings and queens for over 1,000 years

Windsor Castle | kruwt/Getty Images

Honeymoons are a more modern advent, so it makes sense that, in the 19th century, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert stayed in the town of Windsor, England during their honeymoon. Though the duo was madly in love (the queen wore black for forty years after her husband’s death), Queen Victoria threw balls during her honeymoon instead of spending time with her new husband.

A castle certainly isn’t a shabby place to spend your days — after all, Prince Harry and Princess Eugenie will be using the setting for their actual weddings.

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The Greek Islands

Panorama of Oia, Santorini

Panorama of Oia, Santorini |

In addition to boating around the Mediterranean, Prince Charles and Princess Diana also took the yacht around the Greek Islands. Though they obviously weren’t into one another, they had to be into the stunning sunsets and white architecture that cover the islands.

Santorini is particularly awe-inspiring.

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South Africa

Tuningi Safari Lodge at the Madikwe Game Reserve in South Africa

Tuningi Safari Lodge at the Madikwe Game Reserve in South Africa | Tuningi Safari Lodge via Instagram

South Africa has some of the most beautiful locations on the planet, which is why the queen’s grandson, Peter Phillips, and his wife, Anne, chose to spend their honeymoon there when they wed in 2008. The couple stayed at the Tuningi Safari Lodge on the Madikwe Game Reserve. The five-star resort usually goes for around £1,000 a night and sits on 165,000 acres.

The lodge also has a full-fledged luxury spa. We’d say they had a pretty iconic honeymoon.

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The pyramid of Khafre in Giza, southwest of central Cairo, Egypt

The pyramid of Khafre in Giza, southwest of central Cairo, Egypt | Fayez Nureldine/AFP/Getty Images

Though they weren’t exactly bonding on their honeymoon, Prince Charles and Princess Diana did enjoy their time in in Egypt. The stunning North African country is full of history, and they also gave a dinner for President Anwar Sadat and his wife, Jihan, on board the Royal Yacht.

It was probably a nice distraction, especially since the Prince of Wales was wearing cufflinks that his former flame and current wife, Duchess Camilla, had given him. The newlywed couple also had a terrible fight during their trip.

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Polesden Lacey near Surrey, England

Polesden Lacey near Surrey, England | Chris Shaw/Wikimedia Commons

A county in the South East of England doesn’t seem like the ideal place for a honeymoon, but it worked for Queen Elizabeth I and King George VI when they married in 1923. The couple spent two weeks at the Polesden Lacey, a superb Edwardian mansion which is styled opulently.

The king was probably thrilled to spend time with his new wife since she had turned down his marriage proposals twice before finally accepting. The queen was overwhelmed with the responsibilities of what it meant to be a royal.

Unfortunately, the queen caught whooping cough during their honeymoon, which probably wasn’t very romantic.

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TRH Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales, and his wife Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, in their role as the Duke and Duchess of Rothesay, take time out from their honeymoon at Birkhall on the Queen's Aberdeenshire estate, to undertake their first joint official engagement opening Monaltrie Park children's playground in Ballater near Balmoral on April 14, 2005 in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

TRH Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales, and his wife Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall take time out from their honeymoon at Birkhall on April 14, 2005, in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. | Getty Images

In 2005, Prince Charles and Duchess Camila finally wed and to celebrate, the couple set of to Birkhall, their private residences located in Scotland. On the estate, the prince and Duchess of Cornwall enjoy fishing and walking the vast grounds.

After some rest in Birkhall, they set off aboard the yacht of their friend, billionaire Spiros Latsis, where they cruised around the Greek Islands.

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A beach in Bridgetown, Barbados

A beach in Bridgetown, Barbados | Jewel Samad/AFP/Getty Images

The country that gave us Rihanna is obviously stunning, which is why Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips chose the location for their 1973 honeymoon. Apparently, right after their wedding, they flew to Barbados and boarded the Royal Yacht Britannica.

Unfortunately, their honeymoon would be a prelude to their failed marriage. They encountered violent storms with 20-foot waves while they were sailing.

The couple would divorce in 1992 after news broke that Phillips had fathered a child outside of his marriage.

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Botswana sunset

Botswana sunset | stillwords/iStock/Getty Images

Though Meghan Markle and Prince Harry haven’t revealed where they will be spending their honeymoon, Botswana might be at the top of their list. The prince regularly visits the Southern African country since he is a part of the Rhino Conservation.

Also, the couple has already spent a romantic getaway there. The diamonds in Markle’s engagement ring are sourced from the country, and they also took a three-week trip to the region for Markle’s 36th birthday.

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