The Royal Women Stay Radiant in Red

The royal family is always under intense scrutiny, with people everywhere following the most up-to-date information on their favorite royals. From the royal family’s relationships and favorite foods to their annual holiday traditions, fans love consuming information about the royals. By far the public’s biggest obsession is the subject of royal fashion. Although the royals have to follow some pretty strict guidelines in terms of what they can and cannot wear, the royal women still manage to look ultra-fashionable all of the time. 

Princess Diana in a bold red and purple outfit
Princess Diana | Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

Queen Elizabeth recently paid tribute to Princess Diana

Queen Elizabeth II is a fashion icon in her own right and is known to favor bright colors and pretty pastels. These colors draw the eye and ensure that she can always be picked out in a crowd. The monarch also loves accessories, and can often be seen rocking a bold hat, brooch, and colorful handbag. In fact, she often uses her accessories as a signal to her staff that she is ready to cut an appearance or event short. 

Recently, Queen Elizabeth attended a royal event wearing a color palette that, to many royal watchers, looked very familiar. When she stepped out to receive a Service Medal of the Order of St. John, the queen wore a bold color-block red and purple dress. She accessorized with a pearl necklace and black pumps. If her outfit rang bells with royal fans, there is a reason – Princess Diana wore a remarkably similar outfit, a pink and red coat dress, in 1989 during a tour of Hong Kong. Princess Diana especially loved the color red and wore the bright color on several momentous occasions, including the day that she introduced the newborn Prince Harry to the world in 1984. 

Kate Middleton’s bold red look

Kate Middleton is another royal lady who loves a bold outfit. Ever since she was first introduced to the public as Prince William’s girlfriend, Kate Middleton’s fashion choices have been a subject of intense interest to the public. Although her outfits were very trendy when she and Prince William first started dating, over time, Middleton’s style has definitely transformed, and these days, she is almost always spotted wearing very classic, timeless outfits.

Middleton tends to favor simple lines and bright colors and has often been seen wearing red dresses. In January, Middleton hosted a reception with her husband, Prince William, and for the fancy occasion, she pulled out all the stops. The mother-of-three stepped out wearing a stunning red dress, covered with beads and sequins. She wore matching red pumps and accessorized with a bright red geometric clutch. The future queen consort continues to prove that she can still make a bold statement while following the rules of royal fashion.

Meghan Markle loves to rock red

Meghan Markle is no longer a senior member of the royal family, but during her days of royal engagements, her fashion choices often made headlines around the world. The wife of Prince Harry is known for creating her own rules, and often bending the more traditional guidelines followed by other members of the royal family. 

In one way, however, she is remarkably similar to Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth, and that is her fondness for the color red. One of Meghan Markle’s favorite color combinations was one beloved by Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth, and on several occasions, she stepped out wearing purple and red outfits. These days, she is much more likely to be relaxing at home, wearing more casual ensembles, but royal fans dearly miss her stunning fashion statements.