The Scariest ‘Doctor Who’ Episodes Just In Time For Halloween

Though Doctor Who is a fun show about time travel, it can also be scary. Certain episodes can make fans want to hide beneath their covers and never come out. That’s one of the great things about the show, that it can fit into a variety of genres, one of those genres being horror.

The show brings scary to a new height with its interesting takes on monsters. Fans can attest to the fact that when Doctor Who is scary, it’s terrifying. Don’t worry, you’ll love it anyway.

Peter Capaldi from Doctor Who
Peter Capaldi at Doctor Who panel at Comic Con International 2017 | Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

What are some of the scariest ‘Doctor Who’ episodes?

The scariest Doctor Who episodes don’t always include classic aliens like Daleks and Cybermen. In fact, they rarely do. Often, they are more like psychological horror stories. One such story is “Listen.”

This story is about a creature that has evolved to be perfect at hiding, the typical monster under the bed. You can’t see it yet you know it’s there. Creepy, right? Well, the twist at the end is even scarier.

It will leave you wondering about this creature and its origins and how it connects to the wider story of Doctor Who.

What awaits the Doctor in ‘Midnight’?

The Tenth Doctor and his companion Donna Noble go to the leisure planet called Midnight. While the planet is known for its many attractions, it is also toxic. Exposure to the sun’s radiation would vaporize anyone. So when the Doctor goes on a bus trip to see the planet’s waterfall, nothing could seemingly go wrong.

After all, any threat would be immediately vaporized, right? Well, apparently not. While on the bus, the Doctor and his fellow passengers encounter an alien threat that they also can’t see. It possesses a passenger named Sky, causing her to repeat everything that everyone says.

The creature inside Sky eventually focuses on The Doctor and causes him to repeat what others are saying. This story is so terrifying not only because of the monster, but because of its terrifying view into human nature. When Sky is possessed by the creature, her fellow passengers, except for The Doctor, suggest throwing her out and allowing her to be vaporized. They suggest the same when the Doctor seems to be being controlled by the mysterious entity.

Though the creature is eventually defeated when the hostess on board sacrifices herself, it remains a mystery to the Doctor, making the story all the more scary. To this day, this episode is considered one of the best of Doctor Who. And it is definitely one of the most frightening.

What does The Doctor find on Mars?

The Doctor goes to Mars seemingly looking to have some fun. Yet, of course, this is Doctor Who and things get complicated. When he first arrives on the planet, he runs into people from Earth and realizes that he has stepped into a fixed point in time.

He is on Bowie Base One on November 21, 2059, and this is the date that the base is mysteriously destroyed, according to history. The crew on the base, led by Adelaide Brooke, starts getting possessed by a mysterious monster that makes them gush water as if they’re drowning. The creature seems to want to go to Earth. Creepy, right?

The Doctor’s reaction to all this is even creepier, as The Doctor doesn’t usually interfere with fixed points in time. In this case, though, he makes an exception, intending to save Adelaide and calling himself the Time Lord Victorious. After finding out what happened after he saved Adelaide and the rest of the remaining crew, he wonders if he went too far.

This episode is terrifying not only because of its monster, but because of the Doctor’s reaction to it. To see the protagonist of the show go down such a dark path is definitely scary. As Adelaide says, “the Time Lord Victorious is wrong!” It is certainly strange and frightening to see the Doctor in a different light.