The ‘Secret’ MCU Show Fans Want Most

The rollout of Marvel shows on Disney+ is already creating a buzz buildup with one of them, (WandaVision), scheduled to debut already at some point later this year. While it seems Marvel is going to turn these shows into an assembly line, there’s still one the studio is keeping secret at the moment.

According to all reports, two additional shows are in the works, with one still being kept under wraps. Well, the other isn’t completely confirmed either, but the fact the latter is a little more clandestine has fans wondering what’s up.

Many MCU fans are hoping one particular character finally gets his due in a series. Even though the possibilities are endless for shows with Marvel characters, a lot of fans still think this one could cover a lot of inclusive bases.

Rumors about these shows come from supposed Hollywood insiders

Kevin Feige speaks onstage
Kevin Feige | Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney

All the talk about these new shows comes from Bleeding Cool, a site known for having inside sources on numerous franchise films. According to one of their most recent rumors from “Hollywood players,” Marvel has already green-lit more Disney+ product. One of those will apparently be Secret Invasion, involving the Skrulls.

As any MCU fan knows, the Skrulls have been seen sporadically in everything from Captain Marvel to the Spider-Man franchise. While this obviously isn’t written in stone yet, the news of this alone lit up Reddit with excitement.

News on the other show, though, wasn’t divulged. All Bleeding Cool would say is the insider said it would be another major Marvel character getting their own show and akin to Loki level. Speculation has run rampant on who this might be.

A few Reddit users hope it’ll be one pivotal character that’s gotten somewhat short shrift in the Avenger movies.

Should War Machine have his own show?

There’s been some write-ups before analyzing whether War Machine should have his own standalone movie or show. Numerous reasons exist for why he’d be a great character to expand on.

Played by Don Cheadle in the MCU movies, the real name of War Machine is James Rhodes. His relegation to the background of most of the Avengers tales hasn’t been too fair to Cheadle who’s still one of our country’s great actors.

While some might say he was another A-lister who got himself enlisted into the Marvel fray, the Rhodes/War Machine character had a lot of possibility. The Endgame screenwriters apparently wanted to have Rhodes become U.S. Vice President, something potentially opening an interesting tale.

This was ultimately taken out of the final draft, leaving it available to maybe take on in a similar story for a potential standalone franchise. What everyone wants to know is whether the secret show really will be War Machine.

Some fans on Reddit definitely want War Machine to expand his story

Reddit always has fan ideas Marvel may sometimes mine from. Several people think War Machine is overdue for his own showcase. Whether it’ll really happen is still open to speculation. Would fans consider him on the equal of Loki?

He definitely factored into all of the stories if still more or less pushed to the background. Having him fulfill the story of becoming VP would be an interesting turn in a series. Imagining the issues that could explore would be as potentially groundbreaking as Black Panther was, or in Sam Wilson’s situation for Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Part of this could come in Rhodes defying governmental rules since he was known for (along with Captain America) speaking out against leadership and their Avenger decisions.

Dealing with him coming to power and perhaps facing internal struggles while still operating as War Machine would be too good to pass up.

Then again, if nothing else, it would make for a good episode of Disney+’s upcoming What If…?.