The Secret to Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Success as Royals

This year has been painful and tumultuous for the royal family, with serious scandals and family fallouts. But through it all, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton have emerged as shining examples of what the queen expects of her family. They’ve stayed above the fray without coming across as cold.

What makes this young couple so admirable as heirs to the throne? It seems that they work really well together and they have cracked the code to be gracious, yet relatable examples of the royal family. As one royal insider said: “They combine grace and regal presence with a lovely human touch. They are gracious and natural and yet able to really connect.”

Prince William and Kate Middleton are proper at all times

prince william kate middleton relatable
Kate Middleton and Prince William | CHRIS JACKSON/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

Unlike other members of the family, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge maintain an unflappable reserve at all times, with very few glimpses of flaws. It’s not just that they are impeccable in matters of royal protocol, but that they hold firmly to Queen Elizabeth’s rule of “Never explain, never complain.”

While the press has often treated them unfairly, been intrusive and even crossed legal lines to get the best story, the couple has never lashed out in any way, unlike Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.  

But their excruciatingly proper behavior extends beyond merely following rules. Prince William and Duchess Kate have also shown a great deal of sensitivity in the way they are doing charity work and honoring the late Princess Diana.

While there may have been some bad blood between the royal family and Prince William’s mother, they are graciously keeping her memory alive without a single hint at the scandal that once rocked their world.

Prince William and Kate Middleton look the part

This job mostly falls to Middleton, who has risen to the task admirably. She manages to look impeccably royal at all times, without ever being frumpy.

At a recent white-tie function at Buckingham Palace, Duchess Kate chose a look that was not only stunning but also strongly evoked another beautiful royal figure: Princess Grace of Monaco. While the Duchess of Cambridge has always been beautiful, as she ages she seems to become even more elegant.

It’s not just at the fancy events that Middleton looks perfectly polished. No matter the occasion, she shows up in just the right look.

Choosing the outfits that meet all the high expectations of the royal protocol is a complicated job. Duchess Kate makes it look effortless and beautiful at the same time. 

Prince William and Kate Middleton are likable

It can be hard to maintain the reserve that’s expected of the royal family without coming across as stuffy. But Prince William and Duchess Kate manage to let the public glimpse just enough of their lives to communicate that they are real people with relatable lives.

They’ve spoken about raising their kids, and how they try to help them understand the realities of life outside the palace. They have also admitted that they love the BBC show Great British Bake Off, so much that they appeared in a holiday special with one of the former hosts, Mary Berry. During the special, they demonstrated a lighthearted competitive spirit that even led them to cheat!

They allow the public to see just enough of what really happens in their life that they seem like people you could be friends with. At the same time, they preserve the dignity that people expect of the royal family. 

Whatever their secret is, Princess William and Duchess Kate make it clearer every day that they are well-suited to their future as king and queen Consort. Their solid popularity has only increased excitement about their big announcement that is rumored to be coming soon: Are they expecting baby #4, or is there some other good news on the horizon?

No matter what lies ahead, this elegant power couple looks like they’re ready to handle it with gracious dignity.