The Shocking Reason All BTS Members Are Rumored to Be Single

BTS is perhaps the biggest boy band in the world at the moment, which means that fans everywhere are often discussing their personal lives and what things might be going on with the members outside of their work. However, there is one subject that you will not find BTS fans discussing: their romantic relationships.

Other popular boy bands like One Direction attracted all sorts of headlines about their love interests, but as far as BTS fans are concerned, no one in the group is dating at the moment. In fact, there is a reason for this. Read on below to find out why the BTS members are allegedly all single.

Have the BTS members ever dated in the past?

Jimin and Jungkook of BTS | John Lamparski/WireImage

Some BTS members – most notably, the older ones – have mentioned in a few interviews that they had some experiences with love before they became famous.

For example, leader RM once talked about a high school girlfriend on a Korean TV show. He shared that he was dating a girl, though he broke things off because she was too friendly with other guys.

Meanwhile, Suga had a brief relationship in middle school. He had a crush on a fellow classmate and confessed his feelings to her. The two started dating, but they broke up because there were a lot of problems and awkwardness.

J-Hope also once shared early on in BTS’s career that he once had a girlfriend who left him for another guy. The song “Solo” by Dynamic Duo often reminded him of their relationship he heard it after they broke up.

However, aside from these anecdotes, the members of BTS have never been confirmed to be dating anyone ever since they debuted in 2013.

Why are all the BTS members rumored to be single right now?

The reason why BTS is all thought to be single is because of a big difference between the K-pop industry and the American music industry.

K-pop stars are not just marketed as talented performers, but a part of their branding is also about being “ideal” boyfriends/girlfriends to fans. This means that they often have to remain single in the public eye in order to draw in fans and make more money for their entertainment companies.

Some companies do make their talents sign contracts that forbid dating, though it’s not known whether BTS’s contracts also have this or not. In any case, for most K-pop stars, whether they are contractually forbidden to date or not, they most likely would not date publicly anyway if they want to remain on good terms with fans.

Dating news in K-pop also affect the price of an entertainment company’s stock, and they are considered negative scandals like anything involving drinking and drugs. 

Bernie Cho, the president of a Korean music distribution company, said that when a K-pop star dates, the reports also “make waves in the entertainment news section but also the finance news section because many of the biggest Korean music management companies are also publicly traded stocks on the Korean stock exchange.”

In 2018, Cube Entertainment’s stock dropped when fans found out that two of its stars – HyunA and E’Dawn (the latter a part of the boy band Pentagon at the time) – had been dating for two years. More recently, in August 2019, JYP Entertainment also saw its stock price plummet when Twice’s member Jihyo was confirmed to be dating.

Will BTS be able to date in the future?

It’s not clear if or when BTS can be public with their relationships. Some fans believe that they have enough popularity right now to date without many negative consequences, but it does not seem like the members want to take that risk at the moment.

In fact, even several older K-pop groups who debuted many years before BTS and are currently in their 30s, are still very careful about dating publicly. Super Junior’s Sungmin actually got married in 2014, though there are still fans who want him to be kicked out of the group because he allegedly mishandled the announcement of his marriage.

It goes to show that, even if BTS can date in the future, they are still in an industry where dating (and marriage) is a sensitive subject for fans. They must be careful because one wrong move could cause a lot of backlash and an end to somebody’s career.