The Shocking Reason Why Blake Shelton Says He Doesn’t Miss ‘The Voice’ Co-Star Adam Levine

The competitive streak Blake Shelton gives off on NBC’s The Voice is one that confuses some viewers into thinking he’s an egomaniac when he’s far from it in real life. Because this is a competitive reality show, Shelton puts on an act for the cameras, which used to be bickering with former fellow judge Adam Levine.

With Levine now gone from the show, Shelton claims he no longer misses him because there’s a new judge adversary. The target of Shelton’s new faux derision didn’t necessarily appreciate a descriptive term used either.

Well, there’s all possibility the recipient judge is only playing along in that reality show vein. When you find out who Shelton’s new judging “enemy” is, you’ll be a bit surprised considering the person’s down-to-earth nature.

Blake Shelton says he doesn’t miss Adam Levine on ‘The Voice’

Coach Blake Shelton and Coach Adam Levine speak onstage during the "The Voice" panel.
Blake Shelton and Adam Levine | Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

According to Shelton in a recent People Magazine interview, he says he and Levine still continue their bromance behind-the-scenes. As everyone found out last year, their entire feud was more or less created on purpose to create show tension.

In reality, the two get along very well and don’t be surprised to see the two collaborate musically eventually. In the meantime, Shelton declines to name Levine as an adversary and says Kelly Clarkson has filled Levine’s shoes.

That might be surprising for many since they may have thought it was newcomer John Legend who displays more musical prowess and perception on picking winners. Of course, Clarkson has done the same since arriving on the show a few years ago: She won for her first two years until Legend came in and took the win last season.

Now fans of The Voice will have to wonder if Shelton created his own beef with Clarkson, or the writers decided she’d be a better adversary than girlfriend Gwen Stefani. Yes, it seems “Shefani” love is far too real to adhere to the order to do any reality show bickering on-air.

Was Kelly Clarkson truly mad at the term Blake Shelton used to describe her?

During the above People interview, Shelton used a surprising term to describe Clarkson. He said Kelly is “doing a great job filling the Adam ‘assh— void.'”

As you might guess, Clarkson was reportedly not very pleased with Shelton’s insinuation she was becoming a…well, you know. How this goes over with Clarkson fans will also be interesting to see since she’s known for being one of the nicest and grounded people in the music industry.

Before anyone gets too upset, though, it’s worth reminding this supposed feud between the two was probably cooked up by the production team to create more power dynamics. Maybe the original intention was for Shelton to spar with Legend after Stefani refused to take part in faux fighting with her committed boyfriend.

So far this season, we’ve seen Shelton go after Clarkson a little bit, yet not viciously. Perhaps this is about to change now that his disparaging term was a new thrown gauntlet.

What happens if Kelly Clarkson or John Legend wins again this year?

Shelton has said he hopes he won’t have to leave the show and made that clear to the producers. With Stefani leaving again after this season, Shelton said she’ll definitely be back. He just hopes the producers won’t decide he should leave for a while to cool it on the feuds.

Anyone astute to how the show works knows that will never happen since instigating judging feuds is the true nature of the show. Only Shelton can get away with it thanks to a sarcastic personality, something the others are simply too “nice” to do.

Time will tell whether this real or fabricated new feud with Clarkson will go over with audiences. Based on how much Clarkson is loved in the fan community, creating a fight could end up placing Shelton into unexpected territory with Clarkson fan wrath.

Regardless, the feuding may all switch over to Nick Jonas when he arrives on the show next season. Creating faux feuds in the reality show landscape may have some repercussions after all without disclaimers so viewers understand what’s going on.