The Simple Reason Why Princess Diana Didn’t Want to Stay in the Royal Family

While we all think we had Princess Diana figured out years ago — even when still alive — we continue to learn more about the pain she went through as a royal. It turns out she was more miserable than we realized while married to Prince Charles, something mostly repaired with Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle.

What hasn’t changed, unfortunately, is the relentless paparazzi and a young generation of them who likely weren’t alive when Diana was living. Looking back, it’s still painful to realize how much of a target and test subject Diana was in dealing with new and impossible situations. Let’s look at more reasons why she didn’t want to hang around the royal family, something the duchesses presumably learned from.

Andrew Morton’s infamous Princess Diana biography

You may remember before Diana died, she was working with biographer Andrew Morton to create her own offhand “autobiography.” She managed to live long enough to see it published, but Morton had access to many secretly recorded tapes she made.

The book (Diana: Her True Story) released to mixed reviews and criticisms from more than just the royals. Beyond this “official” tome, there were things Morton kept under wraps: what Diana had apparently said on those tapes.

Recent reports say Morton has revealed more of what was on those clandestine tapes that Diana delivered through an intermediary friend named James Colthurst. In a British documentary, Morton opened up about the haunting things he heard on the tapes, which he apparently still has in his possession.

Andrew Morton says Princess Diana was like a prisoner

When Morton played these tapes over 27 years ago, he heard Diana sounding like a desperate prisoner wanting to explain her plight on tape before it was too late. Why he’s sat on these harsher revelations all these years isn’t known. Some might suggest he’s just using it to create more controversy so he can sell more copies of the book (and his newest books). Yes, the Diana book is still in print and remains the only real definitive look into Diana’s life.

No doubt the real reason Morton withheld this damning information from the tapes is fear of how the royal family would respond. Perhaps he wanted to wait past the 25-year mark to reveal more, despite the fact that everyone involved at the time is still very much alive.

These secret tapes were eerily adapted into a play that had some minor critical acclaim in Scotland a few years ago.

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton are aware of the tapes

Who’s to say Diana didn’t make copies of those tapes that ended up in the hands of William and Harry? This is purely conjecture, yet imagine Kate and Meghan having access to those tapes so they can use them as harsh history lessons.

Even if they don’t have access, the duchesses clearly know enough to realize they don’t want to repeat the same mistakes. Ironically, Morton wrote a biography about Meghan, no doubt making these Diana revelations a bit of a promotional tie-in.

Morton won’t be working directly with Meghan on this book outside of painting a mostly positive picture of her. What we hope doesn’t happen beyond the scope of this book is Meghan becoming a repeat of Diana.Media reports have said Meghan wants to be “Diana 2.0” without reliving the latter’s harrowing paparazzi experiences.

Can Princess Diana’s royal problems be prevented forever?

There isn’t any way to know if what Diana went through won’t happen again. One thing we do know is that the main problem was Prince Charles and Diana should never have married in the first place since we know Charles wanted to marry Camilla Parker Bowles. We say this as a conundrum because then William and Harry would have never been born.

At least true love is back in the royal family now, removing half the battle. Dealing with a hungry, new generation paparazzi is the other half we may never see change. Kate and Meghan outsmarting the paparazzi will be the only way to ensure things don’t shift into a tragic outcome all over again.