‘The ‘Sister Wives’ Cast Were Spotted Filming in Chicago

A few weeks back Mariah Brown let a little secret slip; she was hanging out with a film crew. The moment her Instagram story hit the social media platform fans breathed a collective sigh of relief. Clearly, the Brown Family would be back for yet another season of Sister Wives. Not only does it mean fans get to see more from the plural family, but the family’s big cliffhanger is likely to be answered. Whether or not the Browns are looking to build one large house or several smaller homes on the plot of land they purchased will probably need to wait till later in the season. Cameras crews seem to be focusing their attention in Chicago.

Why is the film crew in Chicago?

Anyone who follows the Brown family at all knows that they moved out of Las Vegas for the small town charm of Flagstaff. Film crews, however, haven’t been spotted in the family’s new city. Instead, they’ve been seen around Chicago, and the entire Sister Wives cast have been placed there, too.

According to the Chicago Tribune the film crew, as well as Robyn, Janelle, Meri, Christine, and Kody were shooting scenes around the city over Memorial Day weekend. The family was in town to visit with Mariah Brown. Mariah and her fiancee, Audrey Kriss, moved to Chicago in August for school. Mariah is pursuing a graduate degree at Loyola University.

Before the plural family’s arrival in town, film crews were spotted out and about with Mariah and Audrey. The presence of the crew without Kody in tow led many to believe much of the season will focus on Mariah and Audrey’s engagement. Perhaps the season will wrap with yet another Brown family wedding.

The Brown family has some filming restrictions

While Las Vegas was mostly open and welcoming to the Brown family, it looks like Flagstaff might not be the haven the family was after, at least as long as they film a television show. Right now, two of the four wives are living in no-film zones. Both Jenelle and Meri’s homes cannot be filmed in, according to eagle-eyed Reddit fans.

Currently, Christine owns her own home in the Arizona city, and Robyn’s expansive rental property is film-friendly, but that leaves the film crew out in the cold. The Browns have also been forced to find a warehouse where they can film interview segments and reunion shows, an issue they had not previously encountered in Las Vegas.

When will the next season of Sister Wives air?

TLC has not announced whether or not they’ve renewed the show for a 14th season, but with film crews popping up around the family it is safe to assume they will be back. Without an official date from the production company, however, fans will have to hang back and wait for an announcement.

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If the 14th season follows the same progression as previous seasons, the newest season will likely air in the winter of 2020. The first episode of Season 13 aired in January 2019, with the final tell-all episode wrapping up the season in April. If TLC stays on schedule, fans can expect to see the Brown family sooner rather than later.