The ‘Sister Wives’ Trailer Promises Drama With Flagstaff Locals

Sister Wives will be returning to TLC with a brand new season in January 2020, and the latest incarnation of the reality TV show looks to be packed with drama, especially when it comes to the Brown family’s interactions with the Flagstaff locals. For those who have followed the family since they left Las Vegas for their new Flagstaff home, that shouldn’t come as a surprise. Rumors have swirled for more than a year that the Brown family isn’t fitting in particularly well in the college town.

Flagstaff locals were suspicious of the family immediately

While the Brown family allegedly picked Flagstaff for its open-mindedness, locals weren’t so sure about them joining their community. Just as the move was underway, locals were interviewed about the Browns moving to town. While very few people seemed to have a problem with the family’s polygamist lifestyle initially,  they certainly seemed concerned about their reality TV show.

The residents who call Flagstaff home enjoy the town’s sleepy feel, and while they are open-minded to all different lifestyles, they have absolutely no interest in seeing their city overrun by film trucks. One neighbor told the Chicago Sun-Tribune that he was concerned the filming could disrupt the quiet lifestyle that he and his family enjoy and even cause damage to the natural surroundings.

The residents’ intuition seemed to be correct, and filming for the show’s 9th season hit a few snags. Two of the rental homes the Brown family resided within refused to allow filming. Most businesses in Flagstaff also seemingly declined to enable the family to film.

Things didn’t get better once the family arrived

Filming trouble seemingly continued throughout the upcoming season and apparently started the second the family moved into town. During the show’s sneak peek, Meri’s home was visited by the police the day the family pulled into Flagstaff. While Kody suggested they make friends, his beleaguered wives were less enthusiastic about the process.

To avoid filming problems, production crews filmed on location regularly. None of those locations seem to be in Arizona, though. A visit to Meri and Kody’s daughter, Mariah Brown, will be featured in the upcoming season, as will a visit to Disneyland. Mariah currently resides in Chicago with her fiancée, Audrey Kriss.

The show will also cover the birth of Maddie Brown’s second child. Maddie Brown is the child of Kody and Janelle Brown. Maddie and her husband, Caleb Busch, now reside in North Carolina. The couple recently shared that their youngest child, the daughter whose birth is featured on the show, was born with FATCO syndrome, according to Today.

The Browns have a bit of a reputation around Flagstaff

The trouble with filming might have to do with the family’s reputation around town. A Reddit user who claims to live and work in the area took to the site to discuss the sentiment about the Browns around town, and it’s mostly negative. According to the user, there are very few people who are friendly with the alternative family. Reportedly, two of the four wives are known to retail workers as difficult and haven’t done much to integrate into the community.

It would make sense that Meri Brown has failed to integrate into the community. She has spent the majority of the last year spending as little time as possible in her Flagstaff home. In fact, it seems like Meri spends most of her time in Utah, where Lizzie Heritage Inn is located, and in Las Vegas, where she’s built an extensive support network.