‘The Spanish Princess’: Will Charlotte Hope Be Back for Season 2?

The Spanish Princess on Starz is a unique take on Catherine of Aragon and her early relationship with Henry VIII. Henry is famous for his six wives and the way he went on to treat them all. He kills two of them, but before that, his first wife, Catherine, a Spanish Princess, captures his heart. The first season was a beautiful take on their love and the lies the got them there. Will Charlotte Hope be back to reprise her role as The Spanish Princess?

‘The Spanish Princess’ is a continuation of a story

Charlotte Hope
Charlotte Hope | Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

The new season is part of an anthology series that is based on Philippa Gregory’s best-selling novels. The Spanish Princess is a continuance of the story of a series of queens following The White Queen and The White Princess. Each of these women is unique and must fight her way to the thrown as well as to keep it.

The White Queen and The White Princess follow the women of York during and after the War of the Roses. Elizabeth Woodville, the queen and wife of Edward IV, begins the story during a dangerous time in England. Her daughter Elizabeth of York would go on to marry Henry VII and create the infamous Henry VIII. All of these royal women have little to no rights, even with their obvious privilege. Catherine of Aragon is the next queen in the installment.

Will Charlotte Hope be back to play Catherine of Aragon?

Thankfully, the story isn’t over and Charlotte Hope will indeed be back for her role as Catherine of Aragon. The continued saga will return next year with an additional eight episodes to finish up the story. Ruairi O’Connor will also be back as Henry VIII. Emma Frost and Matthew Graham, the creators, will be producers on the new season as well.

Who will be joining the cast for season 2?

A few new faces will be joining the cast of The Spanish Princess, including Ray Stevenson (Rome), Andrew Buchan (Broadchurch), Peter Egan (Downton Abbey), and Sai Bennett (Strike Back). Stevenson will play Princess Meg’s husband, who is also the King of Scotland. Buchan plays the famous Sir Thomas Moore. Egan plays a Tudor stalwart named General Howard. Bennett will be Princess Mary, who is the sister of both Henry VIII and Princess Meg.

There will also be a few familiar faces back in the mix, including Lina de Cardonnes (Stephanie Levi-John), Princess Meg (Georgie Henley), and Maggie Pole (Laura Carmichael).

What will happen in season 2 of ‘The Spanish Princess’?

Emma Frost, a producer and co-creator of the series, tells EW that the rest of the story will follow Catherine’s continued relationship with Henry. “We follow the rest of Catherine’s relationship with Henry,” Frost says. “Ultimately, we’ll probably leave her as the Catherine of Aragon people think they know by the end of the back eight — the more conventional image of who she is.”

Hope, who plays the illustrious Princess, is excited to tell the rest of Catherine’s story. “I’m really excited to play the unraveling and dissolution of a relationship, especially when it’s in a relationship that’s been forged out of such electricity,” Hope says of the role.

What will happen with their relationship? History holds the answer. Henry VIII undertakes a divorce from his wife Catherine after many years together. He drastically changes the course of the country and its religion in the process. The Spanish Princess will return for a second season to tell the rest of Catherine’s story.