The Stars of ‘Outlander’ Season 5 Reveal Their Favorite Episodes of the New Season

Fans can’t wait to see the brand-new season of Outlander. Droughtlander has lasted long enough and viewers are ready to check back in on Fraser’s Ridge. Luckily, the stars of season 5 sat down and spilled about their favorite episodes of the new season. Read on to learn more.

When does the new season of ‘Outlander’ premiere?

Sam Heughan, Caitriona Balfe, Sophie Skelton, and Richard Rankin
Sam Heughan, Caitriona Balfe, Sophie Skelton, and Richard Rankin | Gary Gershoff/Getty Images

Season 5 of Outlander is literally just days away and fans can’t wait. The new season is set to premiere on February 16 and fans are counting the days in between.

Sam Heughan, who plays Jamie, and Caitriona Balfe, who plays his wife Claire, recently sat down with ET along with a few of their other co-stars. They revealed which episode they consider their favorite of the new season. Sophie Skelton, who plays Brianna, and Richard Rankin, who plays Roger, also revealed their favorite episodes as well.

The stars of ‘Outlander’ talk about their favorite episode of season 5

The main stars of the upcoming season were asked which episode of season 5 was their favorite to film and they didn’t hold back.

Balfe says the season finale of season 5 was her favorite because it was the most “challenging” for her. She hasn’t seen the episode yet though.

“Oh, I think mine was probably 12 because it was the most challenging for me,” Balfe explained. “It’s probably the riskiest that we’ve done. I haven’t actually seen it yet, so we’ll see if that was a successful risk or not. It was definitely the most challenging storyline that I had been given this season. It was tough, but it was rewarding.”

It’s ‘the strongest finale we’ve done’

Heughan seems to wholeheartedly agree with his on-screen wife’s statements. However, he has a different favorite episode this season. “Yeah, I agree. I think it’s probably the strongest finale we’ve done,” Heughan chimed in. “For me, I think episode seven [is my favorite]. It’s sort of the culmination of one of my storylines. It was fun too.”

For Rankin, his favorite was episode 8 because of the work he put into it. It was very “challenging” for him. But in terms of how much fun he had, he’d choose episode one or two.

“My favorite episode for me in terms of performance and what I put in, I think, was episode eight,” Rankin explained. “More so because it was a really challenging episode. My favorite episode in terms of how much fun we had, probably was episode one, I think — probably episode one or two.”

For Skelton, episode 10 was her choice for her favorite episode. She said it was the hardest to watch for her. “I think for me, in a weird way because it’s a hard episode to watch, but episode 10,” Skelton admitted. “Storyline-wise, it’s a really strong ep. We filmed in a nice location, and it just takes a turn that you just don’t expect, so yeah, I think that will be an interesting one for fans.”

Fans can’t wait to experience the new season of Outlander for themselves.