The Stars of ‘Outlander’ Talk About the Unforgettable Wedding in the Season 5 Premiere

Outlander has finally premiered its highly anticipated new season and fans that tuned in witnessed a beautiful wedding. Brianna (Sophie Skelton) and Roger (Richard Rankin) finally tied the knot in an official ceremony. Read on to learn how the stars of Outlander reacted to the wedding of the century.

The stars of ‘Outlander’ react to Brianna and Roger’s wedding

Richard Rankin and Sophie Skelton
Richard Rankin and Sophie Skelton | Michael Tran/Getty Images

ET spoke with Skelton, Rankin, Caitriona Balfe, and Sam Heughan at the Television Critics Association’s Winter press tour in regards to the beautiful wedding they all took part in. The wedding itself took more than a few days to shoot.

“It was such a great episode. We shot it for a very long time,” Balfe revealed. “I think it was seven days we were shooting that wedding?”

Heughan then revealed: “And then we did pickups,” when referencing their schedule, so it was clearly a long process.

Brianna’s parents never thought they’d get to see her married

As fans will recall, Bri and Roger are already technically married since they had a handfast ceremony, but the real thing was nice to see, especially for her parents. Claire (Balfe) never thought she’d actually get to see the day her daughter was married, so it’s extremely emotional for her more than you’d even expect it to be.

“But it’s beautiful and it’s a really special moment,” Balfe continued. “You know, Claire never thought she would be able to see Brianna get married. She didn’t think that that was something that was going to be possible, so those little moments with Sophie [as] Brianna were really special. And also I think being the parents of Brianna and watching her get married was a really special thing for Jamie and Claire.”

Jamie (Heughan) also never thought he’d get to see his daughter married and it’s certainly a special moment for him as the father of the bride.

“Jamie never imagined he would get to be there for his daughter and I think he’s very proud to give her away and wants it all to go very well,” Heughan said. “That moment where he takes her ‘something borrowed, something blue,’ he just wants it to be right.”

The on-screen newlyweds weigh in on their nuptials

Skelton and Rankin were also on hand to talk about their on-screen wedding. They actually filmed the ceremony itself as one entire scene. “We did many takes of it, but we didn’t split it up at all,” Skelton said. “So every time we did it, we ran it from the top to the bottom and it was quite a long wedding.”

The stars reveal they were married more than a few times in all if you count all the takes. “It was a very, very long [wedding,]” Rankin chimed in. “We got married so many times just to make sure that we were absolutely married. We got married about 41 times. We started to forget our vows to each other. We were just staring blankly at each other in the takes.”

Skelton says they actually enjoyed themselves even though it was clearly a lot of work. “Started to lose our minds,” Skelton said. “But it was fun!”

Fans of Outlander appreciate all the hard work that went into Bri and Roger’s wedding in the premiere of season 5.