The Subtle Ways Kate Middleton Copied Queen Elizabeth to Look ‘Friendly and Approachable’

Catherine, Duchess of Sussex is stepping up in a big way and she’s got some excellent role models she takes after: Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth. Kate’s confidence is at an all-time high since she joined the royal family in 2011, in part due to the way she has copied the queen.

Kate Middleton waves as she departs following a visit to the Maritime Museum in Hamburg, Germany
Kate Middleton | Dominic Lipinski/PA Images via Getty Images

Kate’s interaction with fans and body language are revealing

Kate, according to one photography expert, has borrowed a few pages from the queen’s playbook, it seems.

“From observing their styles, I think Kate is adapting similar facial expressions and is interacting with her surroundings similar to that of the Queen,” celebrity and portrait photographer Rachell Smith told Express.

Smith added: “Kate is very relaxed and seems to enjoy meeting people.”

That begins with the duchess’ wave, which is very much like the queen’s. “Her arm is the perfect height and elbow slightly bends and her hand is in an upright ‘hi’ gesture,” Smith explained.

Smith pointed out how this “simple gesture” goes a long way to help her look “friendly and approachable.”

Smith added: “Notice how natural she makes it look, her shoulders are relaxed and her hand is level with the middle of her face, this is a great insider tip and Catherine always ensures her hand is not too high or low.”

Her posture is relaxed but confident

Kate also shows off “great posture” and when she’s captured in motion, she appears confident.  “Notice how her feet are quite in line with each other and she is not over-stepping which could force her clothes to lose their shape,” Smith shared.

Stylist Stacey Troke pointed to the way Kate pays “attention with every step to really extend her legs” when she’s walking to elongate her figure. “Very good posture is also key when getting photographed as is shifting weight through your hips from side to side to create three-dimension in the body,” Troke shared.

Kate’s face is relaxed and happy when she’s seen publicly, as Smith shared, “To appear more photogenic she never overly smiles. It’s a simple lift of the face with a happy thought.”

It’s clear that the duchess is aware of her body, as Smith explained: “You can see she doesn’t bend or twist her body much and she keeps her neck long. It’s a good tip to not overdo it and she maintains a good posture, natural to her body shape.”   

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Kate has borrowed a page from Princess Diana too

Kate has adopted some of Diana’s hallmarks of greeting her adoring fans as well.

Broadcaster and journalist Anne Robinson noted in the 2013 Amazon Prime documentary Royalty Close Up: The Photography of Kent Gavin how Kate “has a legacy from Diana in that her touch is much softer.”

“She engages with the public in a way that the queen has never intended to and never wanted to, she’s always kept her mystery and her distance,” she noted.

“She looks beautiful, she has all those attributes that Diana had,” royal photographer Gavin added. “In fact, probably more because she’s so confident — Diana was not confident in those early days by no means.”