The Surprising Reason Kylie Jenner Wanted to Change After She Had Stormi

Parenthood can certainly change people and Kylie Jenner is no exception. In the new issue of Interview Germany magazine, Jenner explained the big way that her daughter Stormi changed her as a person.

Kylie Jenner at 61st Annual GRAMMY Awards.
Kylie Jenner | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Jenner said she wanted to be a young mother

In her conversation with the magazine, Jenner explained why having a baby at a young age was important to her. She shared: “I always knew I wanted to be a young mother. I remember people used to ask, ‘Are you ready for this?’ And I always knew I was ready but you don’t know what that love and that feeling is like until after you have a child.”

Jenner and Travis Scott welcomed baby Stormi in February 2018. Jenner said of Stormi: “She really comes before me so that is a lot to take in at a young age but I feel like I was definitely made for this and she has changed my life for the better.”

Having a baby gave Jenner a new perspective

The makeup mogul noted how Stormi really had a huge impact on her life, as she shared: “The way that I look at things is a lot more positive and I really feel like my life didn’t start until I had her.” If Stormi’s over-the-top first birthday party is any indication, she’s clearly the center of Jenner’s universe.

Jenner further explained a huge way that having Stormi changed her, noting, “I feel like I felt a lot more pressure to become a role model when I had my daughter because I know she’s going to look up to me and I want to be the best example I can be.”

Jenner defended her ‘youngest self-made billionaire’ distinction

While Forbes recently announced Jenner as the youngest self-made billionaire, that distinction hasn’t come without criticism. Jenner defended her Kylie Cosmetics success, explaining, “I never thought that this could happen. I believed in Kylie Cosmetics but I didn’t even know what I was getting myself into. It feels amazing, it’s wild, and being the youngest ever to do it is a blessing. I now want to focus on giving back to people and doing things that I’m passionate about.”

She added: “There’s really no other word to use other than self-made because that is the truth. That is the category that I fall under. Although, I am a special case because before I started Kylie Cosmetics, I had a huge platform and lots of fans. I did not get money from my parents past the age of 15. I used 100% of my own money to start the company, not a dime in my bank account is inherited… and I am very proud of that.”

Will Kylie Jenner have more kids?

When asked about adding to her family, Jenner told the magazine: “I do want more kids but I do not have any plans in the near future to have children right now.” Certainly, she’s got a lot on her plate right now!

During a recent Instagram Live session, Jenner talked about how she picked Stormi’s name and some of the other baby names on her list. She revealed that the name ‘Rose’ was her third choice but wouldn’t share her second choice because she might use it for another child. She did give one small detail: “It was a very weird name, but I love it. It just didn’t work for her.”