The Surprising Reason Why Jessica Alba Went to Therapy With Her Daughter

Jessica Alba is known for her many roles and successful career in Hollywood. You might remember her from the hit Fox show, Dark Angel in which she played the starring role, Max. Alba also co-starred as The Invisible Woman in, Fantastic Four and later the sequel. In Hollywood, she is mostly known for romcoms or the sexy female lead. She has spent much of her career trying to break out of these typecast roles.

She also created and runs one of the most successful lifestyle and beauty brands around. With an estimated net worth of about $200 million, you know this busy mom needs a little help from time to time.

Recently, The Honest Company CEO admitted she has been taking her 10-year-old daughter, Honor Warren, to therapy. And, no it’s not because she is some troubled kid or because anything tragic happened. The reason why Alba went to therapy with her daughter might surprise you. And, if you have teens or pre-teens, it might even inspire you to do the same.

How many kids does Jessica Alba have?

Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba | Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

While Alba has been working hard over the last decade building her career and her business, The Honest Company, she has also been growing her family with husband, Cash Warren. The couple has been married for just over ten years now, and together they have three children.

With her oldest daughter a preteen and her son under 2-years-old, she certainly has her hands full. It is likely due to the busy lifestyle that had her looking for help when she realized that she was not prepared for the hormonal shifts of a preteen daughter.

Why Jessica Alba decided to go to therapy with her daughter

As the story goes, her daughter was acting up and Alba told her this family does not do drama. Her daughter replied, “I love drama.” That is when Alba decided she might not be prepared or ready for the years she was about to go through. She was also concerned about her daughter wanting a boyfriend when she believed there was no reason for any of that at ten.

As any parent of a teen, or soon-to-be teen, knows it can be the most trying time in a mother’s life. Growing up, she was told to keep her feelings inside and get over it. She didn’t want her child to feel like she needs to just move past everything. She wanted to do better than that, so she took Honor to therapy. In a way, it was to help them both out.

Although Alba grew up in a very religious family, she felt out of place in the church. Her mother believed that if you can’t handle your problems, you can tell them to the priest. “Some people think, like in my family, you talk to a priest, and that’s it,” Alba said. “I don’t really feel comfortable talking to him about my feelings.”

Jessica Alba is trying to be a better parent

In the end, Alba felt that the best thing she could do for Honor was to help her communicate what she is feeling and going through. She wasn’t ready for the hormones, and boy crushes, so she got help. 

According to E! News, she explained that the main reason she wanted to take her daughter to therapy is so she can, “learn to be a better mother to her and communicate better with her.”

Even with the therapy, Alba is heading for an unpredictable ride, but now she has a way to better relate to and communicate with her daughter that she didn’t have before. These tools will help them both when problems come up.