The Surprising Reasons Haters Attacked Jessica Simpson Over Her Instagram Posts

Just about every celebrity has had haters attack them in the past, but lately, for Jessica Simpson, it seems like the trolls are just looking for reasons to go after her. The amount of hate she received after going on an Instagram spree to share pics from her vacation with her husband, Eric Johnson, was pretty odd.

Then after that, haters picked Simpson apart for sharing a makeup-free selfie and also mommy-shamed her when she posted two pics of her 6-year-old daughter, Maxwell. Here’s more on why her followers turned on her and the surprising reasons she’s being shamed.

It all started with a closet selfie

Jessica Simpson taking a mirror selfie in a bikini.
Jessica Simpson receives both good and bad comments on her Instagram. | Jessica Simpson via Instagram

In April 2018, Simpson took some snaps dressed in island attire while vacationing in the Bahamas. In one pic, she posed in a leopard bathing suit top with sunglasses and a hat on.

Of course, no celeb post is 100% hater-free. But for the most part, Simpson’s followers liked the pic and praised how she looked — which led the star to share more selfies.

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Simpson and Johnson strike a pose

Jessica Simpson closet selfie with Jonathan.
The two posted this fun photo. | Jessica Simpson via Instagram

Another Instagram pic her followers were positive about was a closet selfie she posted with Johnson. He was in khaki shorts and a baseball cap while Simpson sported white sunglasses, a bikini top, and sarong.

“I taught my husband the art of the closet selfie,” she captioned the photo. Her fans were quick to flood the comments section telling the couple that they were “body goals.”

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This bikini shot garnered mostly negative comments

Jessica Simpson mirror selfie in a black bikini.
Fans had mixed reactions to this revealing selfie. | Jessica Simpson via Instagram

All the praise she was getting for her closet pics ended when the haters came out in full force to blast her for one bikini photo in particular. Her followers didn’t like Simpson’s swimsuit of choice.

Even though she was on an island and had been showing off her bathing suits and sarongs, apparently her black bikini top was a bit skimpier that her others, so trolls immediately began mommy-shaming her.

“Go back to being a classy lady and mom,” one commenter wrote. While another opined that a woman who has children could dress “more decent.”

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Beach selfie

Jessica Simpson on the beach.
She continued posting beach photos. | Jessica Simpson via Instagram

For some reason even Simpson’s beach selfie where she was making a joke received hateful comments. The fashion designer posted a closeup photo with the caption, “When you try and take a sexy selfie and realize it looks like you ate sand for lunch #sandstache.”

Instead of leaving laughing emojis, rude commentors decided to criticize how her face and body looked in the pic.

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She got mommy shamed for this photo of daughter

Jessica Simpson's daughter on her birthday.
It seems any photo Simpson posts can get some criticism. | Jessica Simpson via Instagram

Even a simple birthday pic of Simpson’s daughter wasn’t safe from haters. The reason? Some of the star’s 4.2 million followers took issue with the way the little girl was posing in it.

The comments from the mom-police ranged from “Why make ur [sic] baby pose like that?? She’s not even a teenager yet!!” to “Stop teaching young girls to pose. She is a child for goodness sakes,” to “She’s six. She looks at least 17. Ridiculous. Let her be a child.”

But it didn’t stop there. Haters then dragged Simpson for using environmentally unfriendly balloons.

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This photo of her kids also didn’t go over well

Jessica Simpson and her family.
Some people were quick to call out this photo. | Jessica Simpson via Instagram

Another pic of daughter prompted trolls to again try and tell Simpson how to be a parent after she posted a pic from Maxwell’s actual birthday bash.

Simpson and Johnson threw their daughter The Greatest Showman-themed party. Even though it was a circus theme, Simpson’s family photo was littered with comments from haters who thought Maxwell’s outfit was too revealing.

“There’s no reason for a 6 year [sic] to wear an extremely revealing body suit, ever,” one commentor wrote, before others echoed that

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Simpson shares makeup-free selfie

Jessica Simpson makeup-free selfie.
This makeup-free selfie also garnered negative attention. | Jessica Simpson via Instagram

Usually celebrities are applauded for posting selfies without a trace of makeup on their face, but not Simpson. Her early morning makeup-less pic was slammed by haters who felt the need to tell her that she didn’t look good.

Some trolls accused the star of using botox and left horrible comments saying that she looked “scary” and “like a man.” Despite how mean people were being, Simpson has not deleted any of the posts  which garnered negative comments — and that’s probably because she doesn’t read them or care too much about what the haters think.

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