The Surprising Way Jennifer Lopez and Joanna Gaines Met

The relationship between Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez is a very cooperative one that seems to benefit both. Recently, we saw A-Rod take on JLo’s Ten-Day Challenge diet program to improve his health. On the other end of things, A-Rod set up a meeting between JLo and HGTV star Joanna Gaines for a beach house renovation.

Jennifer Lopez smiling at Alex Rodriguez
Jennifer Lopez receives a great gift from A-Rod | Mark Sagliocco/Getty Images

Having these trade-offs of helping each other is what makes for great relationships, which is why we wonder when JLo and A-Rod will finally marry. Even if they don’t, they may soon have a great renovated Malibu beach home to live in. You might want to know how and why A-Rod set up this new partnership.

Joanna Gaines and her husband Chip already have loyal fans

We all know HGTV is more popular than ever with Gaines’ stardom on Fixer Upper having a near cult following. No doubt Gaines could be friends with numerous A-list celebrities who’d want to enlist her amazing skills in transforming their properties.

Along with Joanna’s husband, Chip, they also run their own online business called Magnolia Market, headquartered in her home city of Waco, Texas.

A lot of famous husband-wife teams have HGTV shows now, but the Gaineses seemed to stay grounded amid the chaos of producing their television show. Yet, they mostly worked with non-famous people (often in Texas) to remodel homes.

At the same time, they often gain publicity for these projects, including recently buying a castle for themselves in their native Waco.

JLo was a fan of Joanna before meeting

Recently, JLo appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and told the story about how A-Rod set up a surprise meeting with Joanna Gaines for the purpose of fixing up a Malibu beach house. Lopez expressed interest in hiring Gaines to do the remodel since the former was a big fan of Fixer Upper, as many stars probably are. Though, Lopez didn’t think it would be possible since they focus on the Waco area.

For their second anniversary together, A-Rod contacted Gaines to meet with Lopez. Their initial meeting was through a surprise FaceTime call A-Rod set up. Recent pics in the media show Gaines going with Lopez to Malibu Beach to get a look at the abode.

Will this remodel project with JLo and A-Rod be on TV?

We have no doubts Gaines will be able to make something great out of JLo and A-Rod’s beach home. There is a challenge ahead because A-Rod likes a modern look and JLo likes more cozy interiors.

What bothers fans is this remodel project won’t be on Fixer Upper, at least on HGTV. The show ended last year on the network, even though the Gaineses have a new deal with Discovery Channel. In the deal, Discovery would give the Gaineses their own cable network and companion streaming service.

If this happens soon, will we see the JLo remodeling project there? Perhaps if it goes well, we’ll see Chip and Joanna start to cover more celebrity homes.

No doubt the Gaineses have other celebrities leaving voice mails

It’s undoubtedly jarring to suddenly get hundreds of calls from notable people after staying local for years in your home remodeling business. Let’s assume Joanna Gaines’s voice mail is a little full right now from other A-list stars connected to JLo.

Then again, maybe Gaines is turning them down because this is just an exclusive project. Frankly, seeing the Gaineses work with regular people is what made their show so appealing in the first place.

We’ll see if they maintain this approach in their new network endeavor.