The Surprising Way Kate Middleton’s Parents Impacted Prince William and Their Whole Lives

Most kids pick up tendencies from their parents, whether they like it or not. Sometimes that’s a positive — like when kids have a healthy, happy childhood. But there are plenty of times when parents are bad role models. Like Prince William’s disastrous experience with his father’s infidelity, his parents’ messy divorce, and his mother’s tragic death.

All of Prince William’s life experience shaped him into the man he is today. If nothing else, witnessing his family’s breakup just proved to the Duke of Cambridge exactly what he didn’t want for his own future. And one thing that drew him to Kate Middleton, besides her striking good looks and lovely personality, was the solid status of her home life.

Cambridge family
Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Prince George | John Stillwell – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Prince William was impressed by the Middleton family from the beginning

It may have taken several years for Prince William to realize that he wanted to spend his life with Kate Middleton, but he was enamored with her family life from the start. The way the Middleton family interacted with each other was completely foreign to the Duke of Cambridge. One thing he did know? He wanted that same thing for himself.

In the royal documentary William and Harry: Brothers in Arms, royal expert Ashley Pearson explained, “He would lie on the couch with his head in the lap of Mrs. Middleton. Or he would sit after dinner and talk for hours with Mr. Middleton.” 

“He loved the way Kate was very friendly and playful with her brother James or her sister Pippa,” Pearson continued. “Feeling part of that close, tight-knit, very British family was the first time in his life that he’d had that experience and for William, it was entirely intoxicating.”

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He didn’t want to propose until he was sure they’d last forever

It took many years and two breakups before Prince William finally popped the question to long-term girlfriend Kate Middleton. He knew he loved her — but the last thing he wanted was to wind up divorced like his own parents. Especially after they had children.

One detail that helped cement Prince William’s decision to marry Kate was her family background. The Middletons served as inspiration for how a solid, stable family should look. And consciously or not, Prince William was attracted to Kate Middleton’s family and the stability they provided in his tumultuous life.

Prince William created the life he always dreamed of

Clearly, the Duke of Cambridge made the right choice when he selected Kate Middleton to be his forever partner. Even in the face of vicious cheating rumors (which were never proven true), these two seem more in love than ever more than a decade and three children later.

With their busy schedules, the Cambridges don’t visit the Middleton family as often as they used to. But they do make sure to get together for special occasions and as expected, Michael and Carole Middleton dote on their grandchildren, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

He may have taken a while to get there, but Prince William certainly made the right decision for his future family.