The Surprising Way Meghan Markle Is Inspiring People to Get Plastic Surgery

Meghan Markle waving to the crowd
Meghan Markle | Charles McQuillan/Getty Images

Plastic surgeons never go out of business, even if some of the results aren’t appealing to the beholder. Nevertheless, the patient often thinks otherwise.

Whenever a new pop culture icon becomes a top news story, plastic surgeons usually ramp up their marketing campaigns. With Meghan Markle now being the most fascinating woman in the world, a lot of women want more than what she’s wearing or the makeup she’s using.

We’re seeing a strange new trend of women wanting Markle’s unique nose. Ethical plastic surgeons are already speaking up about how this could lead to more than a few unwanted proboscis disasters.

The desire to want Meghan Markle’s nose

We all know Markle is a beautiful woman, and she arguably does have one of the most prominent noses of anyone alive today. It’s also very recognizable from any direction, especially when photographed in profile.

More specifically, it’s becoming renowned by plastic surgeons as having a refined tip definition and natural-looking hump. Many would say it’s the perfect nose, so it’s no surprise so many women are wanting to shape their noses into Meghan’s.

Hold that nose, though.

When it comes to obtaining such a look, it’s not necessarily going to work on everyone’s face. This isn’t to say everyone wants to listen to those warnings.

Markle has already broken protocol on her appearance

Look around on social media, and you’ll see a lot of people still obsess over Markle’s makeup, wardrobe, and hair. A lot of those pics also show Markle in profile, no doubt making many admire her nose even more.

If you look carefully, you can see she inherited her awesome nose from her dad who has a similar nasal structure. However, her mom also has a beautiful nose, proving she inherited a little of both.

For those who still pay attention to Markle’s fashion sense, there isn’t a doubt she’s broken royal protocol on her overall look. Part of that comes in doing her own hair and makeup most of the time.

A nose is a nose by any other name

Over the years, we’ve certainly seen our share of plastic surgery gone horrifically wrong. Without posting pictures or naming names, no doubt many of you have seen the evidence in the media. What makes it more crazy is the recipient often can’t see what they did wrong.

Could we end up seeing young women changing their nose into Markle’s without realizing the possible consequences?

Interviews from prominent plastic surgeons recently say it’s not a good idea to do a Markle nose job on the fly without examining whether it fits your face.

As these surgeons note, each face is different. The symmetry of each face always matters, making a prospective Markle nose look more than a little unsettling on some countenances.

Will patients wanting Markle’s nose listen to warnings?

If anyone wants Markle’s nose and has the financial means to get it done, chances are they probably will. Some lucky people in Australia managed to at least rub noses with Markle when the royal couple visited Down Under this last October.

From all indications, the desire for Meghan’s nose comes mostly from those in the U.K. and America. Yet, on a sociological level, it’s still interesting to see what we consider a beauty standard in a woman’s nose.

During Princess Diana’s time, her larger nose was also considered beautiful, despite rumors of her having a minor rhinoplasty.

The best bet for those wanting Meghan Markle’s nose is to do a liquid rhinoplastyinvolving liquid injections refining or reshaping a nose for a temporary time. These might become the new temporary tattoos of plastic surgery so patients have time to take it back.