The Sweet Story of How Jim Halpert of ‘The Office’ Helped John Krasinski and Emily Blunt Meet

John Krasinski is best known for his portrayal of Jim Halpert on the incredibly popular television sitcom The OfficeHis character is a fan favorite in part because of the long-running romance between Jim and Pam (Jenna Fischer).

Krasinski’s real-life romance is just as sweet as the on-screen one, and he credits his role as Jim Halpert with connecting him to his wife and woman of his dreams: Emily Blunt. How is Krasinski’s Office character connected to his real-life marriage?

Emily Blunt and John Krasinski knew there was a connection instantly

Emily Blunt and John Krasinski attend the Sicario TIFF party.
Emily Blunt and John Krasinski | Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for Grey Goose Vodka

Blunt and Krasinski first met when they were each out to dinner with friends at the same restaurant. Krasinski was dining with Justin Theroux and Blunt was dining with a friend who knew Krasinski.

Krasinski ended up leaving Theroux alone for a long time as he stood at Blunt’s table. Blunt recounted that he didn’t eat.

“He just stood there and made me laugh,” she explained. 

Perhaps laughter is the key to love at first sight — or at least it helps when half of the duo is world-renowned for his deadpan comedy. Both Blunt and Krasinski have commented on how quickly they realized their relationship was something special. 

“It’s one of those things where as soon as you meet someone you kind of know,” Krasinski explained.

“Oh god, I think I’m going to fall in love with her,” he remembers thinking as they met. 

The pair have made professional and personal accomplishments together

Both Blunt and Krasinski have incredibly successful professional careers of their own. Blunt made headlines for her performance in Mary Poppins Returns and has performed in a number of critically-acclaimed roles. Krasinski was named one of Time‘s most influential people in 2018, and he has won multiple awards for his acting. 

The pair started dating in 2008 and got married in 2010. They have two daughters together: Hazel and Violet. Their growing family is a major priority for the two, and their support for one another has fans everywhere fawning over them. 

As if that’s not enough, they’re also adorable and supportive in joint projects. In fact, Blunt broke her own rule to always take five months off between projects because she wanted to support her husband. Krasinski wrote A Quiet Place, and Blunt agreed to act in it even though she was also working on her role as Mary Poppins. These two characters couldn’t be more different from one another, so Blunt’s acting skills were put to the test. 

The rule-breaking paid off in a big way, though. A Quiet Place was incredibly successful, and the couple has re-joined forces for the sequel, which is currently in the works. 

How did Jim Halpert make the marriage possible?

Krasinski opened up about the fact that he almost left acting right before he landed the role on The Office that would launch him into superstardom. He was discouraged about his lack of success and had no way of knowing that his big break was just around the corner. While it’s upsetting enough to think about all the talent the world would have missed if the stars had not aligned, Krasinski takes the “what if” scenario even further. 

Since he was only in Los Angeles at the restaurant where he and Blunt met because he had remained in the acting world, he believes he never would have met his wife if he had made that fateful decision to change careers. Acting has not only brought each of these talented artists accolades and substantial fortunes, but it has also brought them together. We can expect to see many more collaborations from this talented duo who have mastered the ability to work together while keeping their relationship strong and inspiring.