The Time Paul Rudd Jumped Out of a Moving Car On a First Date

Paul Rudd, much like the character he’s most famous for, Ant-Man, may not be the best-looking Avenger, but he is certainly one of the funniest actors in the Marvel movies.

That’s to be expected though, as Rudd has been in plenty of comedy movies in the past. Rudd just seems to have a natural talent for comedy. Indeed, in an interview on The Graham Norton Show, he told a story about his natural comedic talents. His talents however, led him to jump out of a moving car as a joke. 

Paul Rudd on the red carpet
Paul Rudd | Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images

A first date gone wrong

Like many bad decisions in life, this one happened when Rudd was on a bad first date. Fortunately for Rudd though, this date wasn’t something that was ruined at the end or by a curveball or anything like that. Instead, it was very obvious from the beginning, according to Rudd, that the date was going poorly. 

Fortunately for Rudd though, he had a friend. This wasn’t a regular date after all, as Rudd said, it was a double date. Unfortunately for Rudd and his friend though, what Rudd realized about his date, his friend also realized about his date. Both men unfortunately picked some bad dates. 

But Rudd, being the naturally funny man that he is, did the best he could to salvage the night for him and his friend. Like Rudd told Graham Norton, he and his friend started trying to make each other laugh so that their night wouldn’t be wasted. This was when the date went from a bad date to a terrible date, for Rudd at least.

Paul Rudd jumped out of a Jeep as a joke

According to Rudd, he was driving himself, his friend, and their dates home in a Jeep. It’s not clear what kind of Jeep that they were in, but Rudd said that it was a doorless Jeep, so it was likely a Jeep Wrangler.

In any case, while driving in his Jeep, Rudd thought that, as a way to one-up his friend and to pull off a great joke, he’d start talking to his date and then jump out of the car and start running alongside it. Rudd said that he was driving slowly so that’s why he thought that this plan would work, but, as he and everyone on ‘The Graham Norton Show’ guessed, it didn’t work out. 

Instead of making anyone laugh, Rudd flopped onto the pavement, hurt his knees, and, according to him, was inches away from his head hitting the tires of the Jeep. All the meanwhile, the Jeep was heading towards a tree until Rudd’s friend’s date leaped from her seat in the back and corrected course. Fortunately, nobody was hurt, except for Rudd. 

Paul Rudd found true love later on

Like Rudd said, he limped back to his car and slowly drove everyone home. It was a very quiet ride as nobody could really understand why he did what he did. In any case, things looked up for Rudd later on.

In 2003, Rudd married Julie Yaeger, a Hollywood producer who met Rudd back when both of them were nobodies in showbiz. Rudd had just moved to New York City and, while he was preparing to go for his first audition in NYC, Yaeger, who was working at the office of Rudd’s publicist, offered to help him with his luggage. 

Rudd then asked Yaeger out for lunch and eventually, the two got married and had kids. Their son was born in 2004 and their daughter was born in 2009. They continue to live in NYC and Rudd seems to be a happy family man.