The Top 5 Most Hysterical Prop Bets For Your Super Bowl Party—J. Lo’s Might Be the Most Ridiculous Ever

Are you looking for a fun yet simple game to play during your Super Bowl party this Sunday? Look no further. These five ridiculously hysterical prop bets will have everyone laughing, while you all try to keep track of the answers. Ask your friends to place bets—with or without money—as they arrive, then announce the winners at the end of the night.

We will count them down until we get to the most ridiculous ever—which features Jennifer Lopez’s halftime show.

Super Bowl helmets with the Lombardi trophy
Super Bowl helmets with the Lombardi trophy | Rich Graessle/PPI/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

5. The total number of Donald Trump tweets on Feb. 2, 2020

The over/under on this bet is set at 13.5. So, if you choose the over, you have to see 14 tweets from the U.S. President by Sunday night at midnight. Yes, this is something that you can place real bets on, but for our purposes, we are suggesting you take bets as your guests roll in and then grab the total from Twitter before they leave. 

Your friends will know already when they arrive how many tweets Trump made throughout the day—check the President’s Twitter account for the day.

However, we know he is very vocal during the game, so there’s no telling what he might do after the Super Bowl begins. This one is virtually impossible to strategize because Trump is known for his Twitter rants.

4. Will Andy Reid eat a cheeseburger before the end of the Super Bowl broadcast?

Yes, this is also a real prop bet. You can find the official odds here. It’s a simple yes or no answer that you can ask guests to bet on when they come in. The Kansas City Chiefs head coach loves his cheeseburgers. 

“I had a cheeseburger and went to bed,” the coach responded when asked what he did to celebrate his AFC Championship victory in Arrowhead Stadium. 

You could also add in the other prop bet about Reid—Will he wear a Hawaiin shirt? That one seems very likely based on the various pictures of him at recent games. 

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3. Will Joe Buck or Troy Aikman say ‘Patriots’?

Again, we have another easy yes or no answer for this one. Will the announcers mention the New England Patriots in conversation during the game. It seems reasonably likely since they are the reigning champs.

The Patriots also eliminated the Chiefs in last year’s playoffs, so that may be mentioned. It’s still a fun question to ask guests to bet on. You could even turn this one into a drinking game—how often will Joe Buck or Troy Aikman mention the Patriots?

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2. If a fan runs onto the field, who will make the first tackle?

It seems inevitable that a fan will run onto the field at some point during the game. So, the better question is who will tackle the fanatic—security, a player, a team staff member, or another fan?

Since the Chiefs have not been in a Super Bowl for 50 years, it seems likely that one of their fans could easily be so excited that they make it out onto the field. The security staff is probably most likely to take the fan down, but the next best odds are a player making the tackle. For the official odds of this happening, click here.

1. Will Jennifer Lopez show butt cleavage during the halftime show? 

This one takes the cake for the most hysterical prop bet for the 2020 Super Bowl. Yes, it is a real bet, but the odds are more in favor that it is not going to happen. Butt cleavage is the equivalent of Plumber’s crack, in that it is the crack you might see when someone bends over while wearing loose-fitting or low-rise jeans. 

Since J. Lo will likely be wearing some type of bodysuit or dress, it seems unlikely that she will show butt cleavage. However, you could have a good time letting your guests bet on it! Or, you could bet your hard-earned U.S. dollars on whether J. Lo will show butt crack here.

Whether you place real money on these exotic prop bets or ask your guests to bet when they arrive at your party, you are sure to have a good time watching for the win or loss. Tune in at 6:30 p.m. ET on Feb. 2, 2020, for the kick-off to Super Bowl 54.