The Top 5 Music Videos This Year Were By Latinx Artists; Here’s Who You Should Be Listening To In 2020

2020 is approaching rather quickly and everyone’s end-of-year lists are turning up. YouTube’s much-anticipated YouTube Rewind was just released and it gives an interesting look at the way people watched the viral video site. 2018’s YouTube Rewind video became the most disliked video on the site ever, so this year, they went a little more lowkey. And when it came to the top music videos, globally, Latinx took over

Daddy Yankee performing at Univision's Reina de la Cancion Finals at Univision Studios.
Daddy Yankee performing at Univision’s Reina de la Cancion Finals at Univision Studios | Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

The top 10 list of most-watched music videos included Ariana Grande at number 10 with “7 Rings” and Daddy Yankee’s hit ranked number one, according to an official email received by Showbiz Cheat Sheet. Here’s a look at those top videos, and why you should listen to those artists if you aren’t already. 

“Con Calma” — Daddy Yankee & Snow


All the way at the start of 2019 in January, Daddy Yankee did it again. The Puerto Rican musician debuted his video for “Con Calma” and it features dancers and Yankee with a huge Memoji head. It’s the perfect example of out-there visuals to accompany his infectious reggaeton beat. He actually does something super similar to his most recent video for “Que Tire Pa’ ‘Lante,” which currently has over 249 million views. 

Why does El Jefe deserve to be on your playlist? The mastermind behind “Gasolina” and a major contributor to “Despacito,” Daddy Yankee does not quit when it comes to rhythm and catchy lyrics. If those beats don’t convince you, then nothing will. 

“Con Altura” — ROSALÍA, J Balvin ft. El Guincho


Not far behind “Con Calma” in views is “Con Altura.” The single premiered in March and Spanish singer Rosalía is the gorgeous voice you hear on the song. It’s quite easy to see why so many people watched this video over and over again. The song mixes J Balvin’s signature reggaeton style with Rosalía’s flamenco dance moves. Plus those colors and looks they were serving? No wonder they named the song “con altura,” which translates to “with style.”

If you haven’t heard of Rosalía or J Balvin, expand your horizons because you’re missing out. It’s important to note, Rosalía is from Spain, and therefore not Latina/Latinx. But J Balvin reigns from Columbia, which is what makes it a Latinx hit.

“Secreto” — Anuel AA, KAROL G


Anuel AA had a big year, as you’ll see in a minute. Not only did he have these major music videos, but he also won Billboard’s Latin Music Award for New Artist of the Year in 2019. He’s also a pioneer in Latin Trap music. “Secreto” has a chill vibe, that you can still bop to, and the video shows Anuel AA and Karol G goofing off in a hotel room and just having fun. 

If you’re into smooth beats and something that you can’t help but move to, Anuell AA is for you. Karol G has a mix of Urbano and reggaeton songs, so she’ll also be a welcome addition to your playlists. 

“China” — Anuel AA, Daddy Yankee, Karol G, Ozuna & J Balvin


Okay, so there are many factors as to why this song was so big this year. It samples Shaggy’s “It Wasnt Me,” spins it with a reggaeton twist. Well, technically it’s Moombahton, aka reggaeton and trap. Either way, it is addicting to listen to and features some heavy hitters. Daddy Yankee and Anuel AA are back on the list for this one, including J Balvin and Karol G. Ozuna also rounds out the artists on this track, and it’s no wonder it has so many views. The video is basically a big dance party with bright colors and the artists having a blast. 

There are too many artists and too many reasons why you should be listening to them all. But you should. 

“No Me Conoce” — Jhay Cortez, J. Balvin, Bad Bunny (Remix)


Finally, we have “No Me Conoce” in the fifth spot of most-watched music videos in the world. J Balvin is back on this list, but it’s Jhay Cortez’s song, originally. This video is a remix and also includes Bad Bunny, one of the best, new Urbano artists in recent years. He brings his Latin trap expertise to this song, and together they all made it onto Billboard’s Top 100. 

Cortez was a writer on Cardi B’s massive hit, “I Like It,” and with the success of this remix, there’s no question you should be listening to more of Jhay Cortez in the new year.