The Tragic Way ‘Supernatural’ Fans Think the Show Will End

With its 15th and final season set to premiere this week, fans of Supernatural have a growing theory as to how the show will finish the legacy of Sam and Dean Winchester. The duo has battled every known monster to lore and legend, as well as demons who parade the Earth as humans and angels that are ready for war. They have literally been to hell and back. What most fans believe should happen is for the two demon hunters who have saved humanity over and over to engage in a true hunter’s death for both Winchester brothers, according to Screen Rant

The tale of Sam and Dean Winchester

Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki speak at the 'Supernatural' Special Video Presentation and Q&A during 2019 Comic-Con International.
L to R: Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki | Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

At different points in the series, both Sam and Dean have made an attempt at retirement and getting out of the hunter lifestyle. In fact, the series began with Sam leaving that life behind him while in college.

When his bride-to-be was roasted by the infamous yellow-eyed demon, he was back on track with the family business. These brothers have visited the entire continental US, heaven, hell, and purgatory among other places working overtime as heroes for the human race. 

After several seasons of fighting demons and exploring hell, both brothers attempted to find a life beyond when the other was believed to be dead. Dean and Lisa settled nicely into suburban life but kept his most prized possession — the 1967 Chevy Impala — ready to ride when Sam resurfaced from the grips of Hell.

Sam took a second retirement when Dean was locked in Purgatory, attempting a quiet life with his girlfriend and a dog. His attempt to fight the family business came to a screeching halt when her husband returned and Sam rejoined his brother on the road. In true hunter fashion, however, each brother found their way back to the other and back to the hunter life of dim-lighted motels, a trunk arsenal, and a Diner at every turn. 

The role of resurrection in ‘Supernatural’

Both Sam and Dean have danced with death on multiple occasions, just to be resurrected and fight the good fight by the other brother. Sam and Dean have taken either a crossroad deal or manipulated the other in an attempt to restore their health and protect their lives.

This can be seen when Dean tricks Sam into allowing the angel, Gadreel, to possess his body in an attempt to heal him after the trials. They have also depended on their Angel ally, Castiel, to assist with each other’s resurrection despite any consequences that may come. 

Is ‘Supernatural’ foreshadowing the finale?

Throughout the last 14 seasons, Dean has vividly expressed the death that usually accompanies that of a hunter. It is often bloody and at the hands of the monster they are currently hunting.

In fact, the fans have witnessed this vivid and bloody hunter’s death throughout the show. In most of these deaths, fans have witnessed one or both of the Winchester brothers abide by the hunter’s code with the body set ablaze so that their soul is unable to return and the hunter finds peace.

Considering this is the burial that the brothers have chosen for those they loved or respected, it seems only natural that this is the path they would want themselves. 

There is only one way for ‘Supernatural’ to end

As the Supernatural series comes to an after 15 adventure-filled years, fans expect that the only way for this road trip to end. Many fans believe the death of the Winchester brothers fighting one last fight to save mankind from the evil across the Earth is what the finale will entail.

Putting away the arsenal and devil traps is not something that these brothers are likely to do based on their history. Taking on death together, in a blaze of glory, however, is more the Winchester style and what many fans predict will conclude this cultural phenomenon series that has held a global fanbase together for more than a decade.