The Ultimate Betrayal: Everything Kylie Jenner Has Done for Jordyn Woods

Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods have been friends since at least high school. It’s not known exactly when they became close, and even the most patient of researchers cannot tag the moment when the two became besties.

Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods together
Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods had a strong friendship | Michael Stewart/WireImage

They met because they had mutual friends, but that’s about as much as can be excavated. The two were roommates in the mansion Kylie bought approximately two years ago. Jordyn and Kylie even had a commitment ceremony in Peru to seal their bond. That’s all in jeopardy now, since the Woods cheating scandal went public.

What Kylie Jenner has done for Jordyn Woods

  • It was only about three years ago that Kylie and Jordyn got matching tattoos. Their bond was so tight they both got matching artwork in the form of small “M”s on their pinkies.
  • Woods was seen on February 19 wearing a Cartier Love bracelet that Kylie had given Jordyn for her 19th birthday. Kylie has a bracelet that is very similar to the one she gave Jordyn.
  • Even though Khloé, Kourtney, and Kim seem to be cutting Woods off and say they are disgusted with her; fans think Kylie will makeup with Woods eventually.
  • Kylie has treated Woods as a member of the Kardashian family.
  • Jordyn and Kylie have gone on vacations together.
  • Kylie has supported Woods during hard times.
  • Kylie has asked Jordyn to collaborate on makeup collections.
  • Jenner is torn because her family is furious with Woods, but the bond of friendship between Jordyn and Kylie is strong. She is taking on this incredible burden because of her friendship with Jordyn Woods.
  • Kylie wants Jordyn around because of daughter Stormi. Woods and Stormi are close, and Jenner does not want that relationship to suffer.
  • Some unnamed sources say that Kylie has been supporting Woods’ luxurious lifestyle.
  • Others report she bought Jordyn a car.

How the rest of the Kardashian family feels about Jordyn Woods

The Kardashian-Jenner sisters
The Kardashian-Jenner sisters stick together | Jeff Vespa/Getty Images for Armani

Khloé, Kourtney, and Kim Kardashian can still not believe that Tristan Thompson and Jordyn “hooked up.” Khloé, the 34-year-old Keeping Up with the Kardashians star, is attempting to keep it together and focus on her daughter True. Tristan has hurt Khloé so many times, but to wrap her head around the fact that this time it was Tristan messing around with her half-sister’s BFF is the ultimate betrayal.

Khloé has been living in L.A. with her daughter for months, so letting go of Thompson, 27, who lives in Cleveland, Ohio, will not be a stretch. One insider said, however, that Khloé is not one to seek revenge and she wants her daughter to be with and know her father.

What’s next for Jordyn Woods?

Can the two friends weather this storm? There are plenty of unanswered questions floating around in the aftermath of the Tristan/Jordyn make-out drama. If this riddle is not solved, Jordyn and Kylie will not have their birthday parties together, as they have every year. Jordyn’s position as a member of the Kardashian family may be over, say some. But this trauma is not ending anytime soon. 

Jordyn Woods is trying to get in touch with Khloé, Kylie, and the rest of the family to apologize. Woods is also moving out of Kylie’s home and is heading back to her mother’s house.

It is sad to think that such a close relationship, like Kylie’s and Jordyn’s, could be ruined by such an inappropriate action. But, as of now, no one can be sure of what might take place. After all that Kylie and her family have done for Jordyn, this is a terrible thing to have occurred. Friendships are precious. Here’s hoping the girls can find a way back to their initial bond.