The Ultimate MCU Plan Destroyed When Disney Lost Spider-Man to Sony

Spider-Man — though integral to the Marvel comic book world and a vital part of the MCU — is back in Sony’s hands. While most agree that Spider-Man should be fighting alongside his fellow Avengers, at the discretion of the highly imaginative Kevin Feige, he will branch-off. Spidey, bidding farewell to Captain Marvel, Hulk, Ant-Man, and more, will have to fight his most admirable foes without the greatest saviors by his side.

While Spider-Man’s world will change, so will the MCU’s projected intentions for their superhero landscape in Phase 4 and beyond. With Tony Stark and Captain America out of the picture, Spider-Man was prepped to become a major influence over phases 4 and 5. 

Spider-Man actor Tom Holland
Tom Holland attends the premiere of ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ at TCL Chinese Theatre | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

While Captain Marvel will likely take the leadership role moving forward, there was no doubt that Spidey would be right next to her, helping to fend off earth’s threats while she soared through various galaxies, bringing her insurmountable strengths to worlds in need. 

So, what was the plan? All signs indicate that one storyline was at the center of the MCU that, now, has been scrapped. After Thanos’ defeat, Marvel enthusiasts began to wonder who the next “big baddie” would be. Who would fill Thanos’ shoes, without feeling imitational, and all while rivaling the magnitude of his villainy? 

Rumors began circling that Marvel intended to present two major threats moving forward: an earthbound one and a cosmic one. Peter Parker’s presence played greatly into what seemed to be the initial plans for the “big bad” earthbound threat. 

Peter Parker is no longer with Disney; say goodbye to all the Norman Osborn plans

Remember when fans found out that those over at Marvel Studios were on the hunt for a nefarious “benefactor?” The role called for a male, preferably caucasian, in the 40-60 age range. Immediately, the name Norman Osborn began circling the internet, with various digital media publications claiming that he was was set to be the next big bad villain on earth.

If the casting announcement wasn’t enough to get fans hyped, the credible Roger Wardell revealed, in since-deleted Tweets, that the MCU’s Phase 4 would center on Norman Osborn, according to Inverse

Roger Wardell became one of the most well-trusted sources in the community after tweeting out several plot points for Avengers: Endgame in December 2018 (all of which turned out to be true). From the apparent casting call, which is a bit vague, to the Roger Wardell post, Norman Osborn was shaping up to be the MCU’s next big threat, but now, with Peter Parker out of the picture, signs are pointing towards Doctor Doom. 

As We Got This Covered reports, Doctor Doom is set to become the next villain, in place of Osborn. Plans for introducing the character remain unknown, but it’s likely his introduction will lead to the incorporation of the Fantastic Four, which should help ease some of the sadness associated with the loss of Spider-Man and the Green Goblin. 

While Osborn is quite different from Thanos, in that he possesses no super-human powers, Doctor Doom does. However, all of their personalities are vastly different, and Doctor Doom’s threat should feel unique. Fans just wanted a little Osborn in this grand cinematic universe. Can’t fault them for being a little upset.