‘The Ultimatum’ Spoilers: Who Do April and Jake Pick for Their Trial Wife and Husband?

The Ultimatum is a new reality TV show that puts couples to the test and sees if they’re ready to get engaged. The show was created by the same people behind Love Is Blind. April Marie gave Jake Cunningham an ultimatum, but who do they pick as their trial wife and husband? Here is everything you need to know.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from The Ultimatum episode “New Bed, New Partner.”]

April wants to marry Jake on ‘The Ultimatum’

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April and Jake have been dating for two and a half years. She made it clear that she wants a ring and a baby immediately. Jake said he wants April in his life until he dies. However, he got out of the military a year ago and wants to travel and become more financially stable before getting engaged.

April mentioned Jake bought her a car and was confused why he isn’t ready for marriage. Jake said he did that because he cares about her. They also mentioned how they haven’t done anything to prevent having a baby.

“I’m hoping, with this experience, I can date around. Get better clarity on what you want from another perspective so I can give you everything you need,” he told her on their last night together. Jake also said he hopes he’ll get down on one knee at the end of the season.

Who does Jake pick for his trial wife?

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The original couples went their separate ways and dated each other in the first episode. Jake hit it off with Rae Williams. Rae made it clear she wants kids in a couple of years, which is a little ahead of his timeline. But they both want two kids, grew up as only children, are close with their moms, agree on parenting styles, and are Italian and Black. Jake said it was “very scary” to have this type of connection so quickly.

So it’s not surprising he picked Rae in “The Choice.” “With Rae, she’s very interested in getting to know what I want,” he told the rest of the cast. Jake later said, “Right after our first date, we literally bonded on every level. Every other time we went to the next date, you’re the one I looked forward to getting to know and spending time with. At the end of the day, I could see a future with you.”

Rae looked very excited about this. She also picked him, so they’ll be doing the trial period together.

Who does April pick for her trial husband?

April Marie wears a red dress next to Jake Cunningham, who wears a grey jacket and black shirt on 'The Ultimatum'.
April Marie and Jake Cunningham on ‘The Ultimatum’ | Netflix

April was frustrated by most of the men in the cast because they all said they want to be more financially stable before getting married. But she felt more hopeful talking to Colby Kiss because he also gave Madlyn Riley an ultimatum. They both agreed that the “financially stable” line is “bullsh*t.” She also said Colby was the only guy who made her shy. Colby didn’t feel a spark with April but liked her look and quirky vibe.

April first picked Hunter Parr in “The Choice” because he grounded her when she was upset. But he decided to propose to Alexis Maloney immediately.

Colby first picked Lauren Pounds as his trial wife in “New Bed, New Partner.” But then Nate Ruggles proposed to her. Colby decided he wanted to move forward with someone else and picked April. She also picked him, even though she had a connection with Nate.

“I’m so glad that this has kind of happened this way, and I’m really f*cking pissed,” she admitted to the cast. “So I’m really happy to go through this experience with you because this is the reason that I came here.”

So April’s trial marriage didn’t start off on a good note, while Jake might’ve had the best connection with someone else. Fans will have to keep watching the Netflix show to see if April and Jake will come back together in the end.