‘The Umbrella Academy’: Could Ben Come Back from the Dead in Season 2? David Castañeda Answers!

Fans of The Umbrella Academy loved Ben (Justin H. Min) in Season 1. That’s probably because he was dead and was the only one who could really be there for Klaus (Robert Sheehan.) Will that all change next season?

The Cheat Sheet talked to David Castañeda at the world premiere of Standing Up, Falling Down at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 25. This is what he had to say about what could happen next season.

Ben started out dead in Season 1

Justin H. Min
Justin H. Min | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Ben was in a weird position in the show’s first season because he already died. We’re told that this happened back on one of The Umbrella Academy’s missions.

We still don’t know the specifics around his death. Den of Geek asked Min about it and he answered, “Oh, you know I can’t talk about that.” He then said, “I think no one really knows.” The actor was still seen in the first season.

Klaus can speak to the dead and often was talking to Ben in the first season. Things ended on a hopeful note given Klaus was able to make Ben physically come back and use his powers of transforming into monsters. The other Hargreeves siblings were also able to see Ben for the first time.

Now we know that with Klaus’ help Ben could physically move about the world. However, he’s still dead. Could that change too?

David Castañeda thinks it’s possible that Ben could come back

There is one star of the show that is keeping hope that Ben could come back. Castañeda talked about what it was like working with Min in Season 1 and how that could change in Season 2.

“What’s funny is there were a few scenes like especially like in episode two where we actually got to play with him,” Castañeda told The Cheat Sheet. “Obviously there were parts where he didn’t have to be in the shot. And so we had to act as if he never existed. So there were moments that we had to ignore his line or something that he had to say.”

Will Diego get to interact with Ben in the future? Maybe! “But you know I’m really happy the fact that [Min] who plays number six, Ben,” continued the actor “he’s kind of getting a larger role now and we’ll get to see his storyline and see what happens to Ben and hopefully maybe he can come back from the dead. I don’t know. We’ll see.”

Ben could get more independence next season

Min also talked about the possibilities for his character next season given where things left off. He might not be as tied to Klaus like before.

“If we do get a season two, I would hope that Klaus and Ben would continue their relationship and now that Klaus has discovered this newfound aspect of his powers, that it would allow Ben to have a little more independence and agency and interact with Klaus in a more active way, instead of being a passive bystander,” the actor told Den of Geek. “As you know, we’re going back in time and time travel can change anything and everything.”

We have no clue where the family ends up from their time travel. Castañeda revealed what he hopes will happen. “I hope that we get to go somewhere crazy and hopefully we’re not children so that way we as adults get to evolve as humans in the show,” he told The Cheat Sheet.

Maybe they’ll travel before Ben’s death, or it could be after and he is still brought back to life somehow. Fans will have to wait and see.

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