The Underlying Theme Across MCU Phase 3 Some Fans Totally Missed

Conflict in any movie is what makes drama what it is, but the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) took things even further in that department by including internal battles. While that did take from the comic books, having a civil war within a contingent of superheroes had never been done before on the big screen.

Many fans are starting to go back and analyze how much this theme permeated through the MCU’s Phase 3. They note a number of infighting scenarios that proved what was thought to be forces for good often fought with one another.

This brought a lot more complexity to the MCU, and one good reason the films don’t necessarily deserve criticism. What the civil war aspects did do is perhaps set a new bar for doing more of the same in future Marvel films.

Just how much civil war was there in MCU’s Phase 3?

Elizabeth Olsen Scarlet Witch in MCU
Actress Elizabeth Olsen plays Wanda in the MCU.| Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Fans on social media have been starting to do deeper dives into how much internal conflict there was, oftentimes not getting analyzed enough. One fan on Reddit recently noted Black Panther was ultimately about civil war, plus taking place supposedly a week after the events of Captain America: Civil War.

Some Marvel analysts have been confused over the exact timeline of Black Panther since it’s since been changed to say the events took place a year later. Whatever the real timeline is, the characters in Wakanda are watching the scenarios of Civil War play out on TV before devolving into their own internal fighting. 

These situations didn’t become isolated either. Other examples exist in Phase 3 where civil war seemed to become the overarching theme. Beyond the Avengers and Wakandians fighting against each other, there were also Asgardians fighting against Asgardians in the Thor franchise. Plus, there were sorcerers vs. sorcerers when Doctor Strange was introduced.

Having these themes permeate changed superhero movies forever so nothing is cut and dry. Those who think the MCU doesn’t bring elements of real life will see how much it mirrors our own reality in terms of political infighting.

Did the MCU predict America’s own new civil war?

It seems the civil war concepts in Phase 3 went far too unnoticed until fans had to point it out. Of course, the outcomes were usually one of unity, outside of losing lives in the process. Most of all, though, the MCU seemed to be mimicking or predicting where our own country has been going in terms of political warring.

As much as everyone wanted the Avengers to always be on friendly terms together, the reality is that complex political ideologies can tear formerly close allies apart. Clearly, the MCU was taking a page right out of America’s own current situation.

One could also say the only thing bringing everybody together is something larger. For the Avengers, it was defeating Thanos. In reality, it may be everyone joining in arms to overcome an even worse foe: Coronavirus.

More analysis of the civil wars in the MCU needs doing. One thing for sure is that it doesn’t seem to be relegated to Phase 3. Fans are predicting there may be another example of this in the upcoming Black Widow.

Will there be a Black Widow vs. Black Widow scenario?

With Black Widow releasing in May, a lot of speculation has been going on about internal fighting among Natasha Romanoff and her former KGB allies. There seems to be some inevitability there Natasha will be fighting with her former Red Room Black Widows: Yelena Belova and Melina Vostokoff.

Speculation is also still running rampant that either one of the two will be outed as Taskmaster, something not everyone agrees will be true. Even if not, the trailer already insinuates the relationship Natasha has with her fellow Black Widows isn’t always perfect.

Get ready for some fight scenes between them, not including an inevitable showdown with Taskmaster as a flashback/Civil War postscript. What ultimately happens in this civil war is up in the air, if likely Natasha surviving for another flashback sequel.