‘The View’: Are Cast Changes on the Way?

Everybody has had a coworker who they don’t like, a person who just gets under your skin no matter what they are doing. On The View, it seems like everyone is that annoying coworker. The women are always at odds which, while fun to watch, can get old and also creates a hostile work environment. For years, people have been wondering if Meghan McCain, the show’s resident Republican, was on her way out. She is constantly feuding with the other co-hosts and fans never hesitate to call out all of the things that they don’t like about her.

The View
THE VIEW | Lou Rocco/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

But it’s not just McCain that people have had problems with. Each of The View’s cohosts has been public enemy number one at some point in their tenure on the show. So, is it time that The View got some new blood? Will the show be making cast changes soon?

Meghan McCain’s issues on ‘The View’

McCain has gotten into it with all of her cohosts on the show. She and Joy Behar are almost always at opposite ends of any argument. Most recently McCain and Whoopi Goldberg had a disagreement in which Goldberg tried to shut McCain up.

“Girl, please be quiet,” Goldberg said, shocking the studio audience.

This fight prompted people to wonder if McCain would finally leave the show.

Do the hosts of ‘The View’ get along off-camera?

While we see them constantly fighting on camera, none of the women on The View hate each other.

“The strain between Meghan and her co-hosts is as real as it gets but to use the word ‘hate’ that is being thrown around would be a little strong,” a source told HollywoodLife. “No one might hang out after the show or do dinners and lunches afterwards but to hate someone, as has been said, over doing their job would be a stretch. Whoopi and the gang know how to separate it all when need be even though things do get heated. Since they all have differing points of view it quickly gets exaggerated under the lights and the cameras and things get very volatile fast and that is not something that is easy to handle or tolerate for anyone even though it might make good TV.”

Is anyone leaving ‘The View’?

Show’s change their casts all the time. In fact, some do it on purpose to keep things fresh. And with so much tension among the women of The View, no one would be surprised if production tried to shake things up.

But, according to the source, the roster of hosts on The View is staying exactly the same.

“No one is going to be replaced or fired or quit right now,” the source said. “It hasn’t gotten that far but there will be days that need to be taken off because at times it gets a little much. Meghan feels the stress and it feels like everything is put on her shoulders in a negative way and she feels she is the easy one to blame. They often need breathers from each other before another fight occurs, but as of right now, no one should be worrying about their jobs.”