‘The View’: Charlize Theron Schools Meghan McCain on Respecting Whoopi Goldberg as Moderator

Whoopi Goldberg and Meghan McCain made headlines this week after their explosive exchange on The View. The show’s moderator told the conservative co-host to “stop talking” because she kept interrupting. A day later they took time to clear the air on their spar and make sure fans knew their’s no animosity.

Meghan McCain, Charlize Theron, and Whoopi Goldberg
Meghan McCain, Charlize Theron, and Whoopi Goldberg | Theo Wargo/Getty Images / Jason Mendez/WireImage / Marco Piraccini/Archivio Marco Piraccini/Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images

Charlize Theron was a guest on The View to talk about her new movie Bombshell. This particular film is important as it tackles the issue of women sexually harassed in the workplace. The South African actress plays Megyn Kelly and was extremely involved in constructing the character.

Theron is so passionate about her role in the Jay Roach-directed film that she talked in length about her experience shooting it. At one moment Goldberg was seen flailing her arms as Theron continued speaking.

This is where Theron gave a class act on how to handle being cut off from talking. It was obvious that Goldberg had to respect the set times the live show has and had to cut to commercial break. Theron understood that and instead of making a big fuss about it, like McCain usually does, she apologized.

“Sorry Whoopi, go!” Theron told Goldberg.

There was no drama, no one got upset, and no one yelled. Theron knows exactly how a live television show works. She also knew that Goldberg is the authoritative figure on the panel and respected her time to shoot to a break.

Whoopi Goldberg addresses feud with Meghan McCain

Following the fiery moment that Goldberg and McCain lived the previous day, the show wasted no time in addressing the issue. At the top of the hour, Goldberg took the time to talk about the heated argument.

“Things get heated on this show,” Goldberg explained. “If you watch this show, you know this has happened over the years. We’re really passionate. This is our jobs. We come in, we talk to each other, sometimes we’re not as polite as we could be. That’s just the way it is. But you’re going to be dealing with the same thing when you sit around your table with your family and you don’t agree, or somebody says something and goes off the rails. This is part of what we do.”

Goldberg made sure to note that just because the women had an on-air spar, that didn’t mean that they couldn’t sit and talk politics.

“This is not an indication that women can’t sit around and talk,” the show’s moderator continued. “This is not an indication that we don’t know how to deal with each other on camera. Stuff happens on this show in real-time and everybody wherever you sit in all of this, don’t assume that we’re over here with little butcher knives under the table. This is our gig and sometimes it goes off the rails and it does. Everybody just calm down. It’s a TV show.”

Meghan McCain speaks out

McCain also had a moment to address the tense moment that was lived the day before.

“I love you very much. I’ve loved you for a long time,” McCain told Golberg. “You were good friends with my dad. We fight like we’re family. It’s all good. We’re not tearing the set apart. Calm down, all of you, okay? It’s all good… I think it is a lens into what’s happening politically in the country. America’s at very heated levels right now and I don’t love it. But it is representative of what’s going on and it is raw and real. We are all passionate women. I am hyper, hyper-conservative, everybody else at the table is not. Sometimes we’re going to clash heads.”

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