‘The View’ Fans React to New Meghan McCain Tantrum After Joy Behar Joke

Meghan McCain was back on The View after taking a day off and she was back to her old ways. The Republican political analyst is not afraid of throwing a tantrum at the “Hot Topics” table and voicing her dissent. This time she was unable to handle a joke from Joy Behar and pouted through the rest of the segment.

Meghan McCain
Meghan McCain | Theo Wargo/Getty Images

What made Meghan McCain mad?

The ladies of the ABC daytime show were talking about Nancy Pelosi’s epic clap back at a reporter that asked her if she hated Donald Trump. Although McCain gave the Speaker of the House props for the way she responded, she had an issue with monetizing the incident.

“I think that the problem is when she did answer it masterfully, the problem is now she’s selling t-shirts that say #DontMessWithNancy,” McCain said. “For $39, you can buy a t-shirt,” she added.

McCain said she doesn’t like that “everything is a meme” in a social media era.

“This is very serious,” the conservative co-host continued. “We’re talking about the Constitution. We’re talking about impeachment. And for me, it reduces it—it’s very reductive to start selling sweatshirts that say #DontMessWithNancy.”

Behar is a comedian and always finds a moment to quip and lighten up the serious topics. While McCain was making her point, the show’s moderator snuck in a joke that threw the former for a spin.

“So you mean like hats that say Make America Great Again?” Behar joked.

The studio audience cheered and applauded Behar’s funny line and McCain was not having it.

“You know what, I’m just trying to make a point. And I’ve never worn a MAGA hat. I think you know better than anybody I’d never wear a MAGA hat,” McCain said seemingly upset.

She was later seen crossing her arms and in silence as the other ladies continued to discuss the issue.

Fans react to Meghan McCain’s latest tantrum

Viewers of the talk show are aware that McCain loses her temper rather quickly and shuts down when she feels disrespected. Following her outburst this morning, fans were quick to voice their opinions on Twitter.

“Good for Joy shutting down [Meghan]. Then she has to pout,” a fan wrote.

“The way Sunny [Hostin], Ana [Navarro], Joy, and the audience continued laughing and smirking as Meghan sat there pouting was hilarious,” a viewer noticed.

“Boo hoo, princess Meghan got slapped down and she’s mad,” a Twitter user said.

“I can’t stand to watch The View anymore, was my favorite morning show until Meghan. She is so rude,” another fan commented.

“This pouting Meghan thing is so unprofessional. It may have worked when she was at home but she’s surrounded by intelligent, independent, mature women as well as the audience. If she wants respect, she has to demonstrate it,” another user wrote.

“I got to the point where I was recording the show on DVR to fast forward what I didn’t like. Now I just don’t even watch it anymore because I truly can’t stand Meghan McCain. She ruins the show with her awful attitude. Meghan McCain needs to go,” another viewer said.