‘The View’: Is Whoopi Goldberg Feuding with Mariah Carey?

Uh-oh, it looks like all is not well in Hollywood. Mariah Carey and Whoopi Goldberg are the latest celebs to publicly not see eye to eye.

Celebrities feuding is really nothing new. They do it every week. But there are certain stars who it is okay to have issues with and there are certain famous people who it’s probably best to just stay out of their way.

Carey falls into that latter category. In the past, her feuds have not ended well for the other parties involved because the singer is the queen of shade. She argues without breaking a sweat and uses subtle comments and digs to completely obliterate her opposers. Just look at how famous her “I don’t know her” phrase became after her feud with Jennifer Lopez.

What happened between Carey and Goldberg?

Last week, Jerry O’Connell visited The View. The co-hosts discussed O’Connell’s appearance in Carey’s 1999 music video “Heartbreaker.”

In the video, Carey dons a number of outfits that show off her slim stomach. Goldberg commented that Carey’s figure from the video was “20 bodies ago.”

What does Carey have to say back?

If Carey is concerned about what Goldberg said, she certainly isn’t letting it show.

“Mariah looks and feels amazing, she’s very happy with her body right now so Whoopi’s comments can’t hurt her in any way, they really don’t mean anything to her,” a source told HollywoodLife. “Plus, she has much more meaningful things occupying her right now.”

Carey is currently busy giving back to underprivileged kids.

“She’s in upstate New York with her kids and a bunch of underprivileged city kids that she sponsored so that they can have the camp experience,” the source continued. “It’s called Camp Mariah and it’s something she’s been funding for years and it is very close to her heart. The kids that go there have very little, they live in the city and most of them never expect to go to her camp. Camp Mariah changes lives, that’s what Mariah cares about, not some rude comment by Whoopi. No way will she even give this a response. Besides, her lambs can do that for her, she knows they always have her back.”

Fan reactions

Though Carey is apparently taking the high road, the same can’t be said for her fans. Many of them took to Twitter to defend the singer.

“So @WhoopiGoldberg is quick to celebrate Beyoncé’s figure but there seems to be double standards when it comes to Mariah Carey?” one person tweeted. “As if body shaming a woman on TV was any kind of right. Not only that but it’s also utterly unprofessional. She should look at herself.”

Some fans were downright mean.

@WhoopiGoldberg sweetheart your commentary was completely distasteful & besides you should be saying the same thing yourself when you were 49 squeezing into those dresses on ‘Sister Act,'” one fan wrote. “Think before you speak and respect our living legend Mariah Carey. Thank you kindly in advance.”

But others just wanted Goldberg to address what she said.

“Dear @ABCNetwork and @TheView, we DEMAND an on-air apology from Whoopi Goldberg to @MariahCarey for body shaming her in which she said ’20 bodies ago’ in reference to the ‘Heartbreaker video,'” another fan wrote. “There is no excuse for this!”