‘The View’: Meghan McCain Starts Feud With Ivanka Trump and White House Reacts

Meghan McCain is not afraid to speak her mind as fans of The View know very well. The conservative panelist is always at odds with her fellow co-hosts, especially Joy Behar. Today, the political pundit got the White House’s attention after starting a feud with Ivanka Trump.

Meghan McCain is at odds with Ivanka Trump
Meghan McCain is at odds with Ivanka Trump | Lloyd Bishop/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images / Al Drago/Bloomberg via Getty Images

What did Meghan McCain say about Ivanka Trump?

During the “Hot Topics” segment, the ladies talked about an article from The Atlantic about the alleged rivalry between Ivanka and her brother Donald Trump Jr. The infighting reportedly goes as far as planting stories about each other in the media.

McCain saluted the author of the piece, McKay Coppins, for his reporting and said she believes in the article. She went on to criticize Ivanka’s role in the White House administration.

“I still don’t know what she does all day. … I know she does women’s initiatives but that’s all very nebulous,” McCain said.

Abby Huntsman weighed in saying, “I found myself feeling sorry for the [Trump] kids at different moments.”

“No offense, they crashed my dad’s funeral. They get nothing from me. Really, they’re not good people,” McCain interjected talking about when Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner showed up at her father’s service last year.

White House reacts

After McCain’s statements on The View, the White House downplayed the panelists’ comments as something not serious.

“The idea that the hosts of The View or a reporter at The Atlantic have any factual reads on what goes on within the Trump family is completely asinine,” spokeswoman Jessica Ditto told People.

“Ivanka is proud of this administration and the work that they have done over the last two and a half years,” she added. “Pledges for the creation of millions of training opportunities for American workers and over a billion dollars in funding towards women’s economic empowerment in Latin America are anything but nebulous.”

Ditto also put into question the article as it was allegedly based on a “flimsy single anonymous source.”

Trump and John McCain’s funeral

President Donald Trump had been horrible to the late Senator John McCain while he was still alive. He claimed the Arizona Republican was “not a war hero” as he spent five years in captivity during the Vietnam war.

“I like people that weren’t captured,” Trump said back in 2015.

At the time of the Senator’s death, the White House did not issue a statement honoring John McCain’s life in public service. He also refused to make a proclamation to lower U.S. flags to half-staff until he received pressure from fellow Republicans and other groups.

Trump was not invited to the funeral, but Ivanka and her husband attended, something that Meghan McCain did not know about.

“I didn’t know they were coming, I didn’t know until I saw them there,” McCain told Porter magazine. “I looked over and saw them and well … they got to listen to what I had to say.”

Meghan McCain is fiery

McCain is outnumbered on The View as the resident conservative voice. Things have seemingly become stressful for the pundit that she has considered leaving the ABC talk show.

“It’s getting to the point where it’s not worth the emotional toll every week,” a friend of McCain told The Daily Beast requesting anonymity. “If she doesn’t stay at The View, she will find other work.”

Rumors of McCain leaving the daytime program were quickly shut down by Hilary Estey McLoughlin, Senior Executive Producer of The View.

“We don’t want people to attack Meghan. We’re happy to have Meghan there,” McLoughlin told The Daily Beast. “I think she does want to be there. I think she wants to be on the show. She realizes it’s a very good platform for her and we love having her there. I feel like she will come back.”