‘The View’: Meghan McCain Regrets This 1 Thing She Said on the Show

One of the standards of The View in their choice of hosts has been to hire at least one moderate conservative who can create a counterbalance to the round table arguments. If you can argue some of their conservative hosts didn’t always have moderate views, Meghan McCain perfectly fits the category. Then again, she doesn’t always show this side of herself during the most heated political debates.

With recent headlines saying McCain might quit the show due to feeling like she has no support for her views, she at least acknowledges some mistakes in things she’s said. One of the most annoying mantras from the right has been in calling Hillary Clinton “crooked.” Now McCain says she wishes she could have refrained from saying it herself.

What did Meghan McCain say that proves she regrets nurturing political division?

Meghan McCain
Meghan McCain | Angela Weiss/Getty Images

A recent Elle interview with McCain has her saying she regrets calling Clinton “Crooked Hillary” during the 2016 election. McCain admitting saying such a thing only contributed to further political acrimony is a very astute observation by her everyone should accept as genuine.

Besides, we all know Clinton and John McCain were good friends over the years. Maybe some would argue the emotion of her father being friends with Clinton is the only reason Meghan McCain feels regret. More staunch conservatives will never let up in thinking Clinton is as big of a criminal as any politician in recent memory.

From McCain’s perspective, it’s also an olive branch, something sorely needed from someone on the right side of the political spectrum. A major frustration for everyone lately is the lack of admittance from conservatives in what President Trump is doing in fostering more divides.

While we know McCain still fights for conservative ideals on The View, what could her new apology do in changing the course of political discourse?

Moderate Republicans often pull surprises

Not everyone loves moderates in politics because they often shift on a dime when it comes to controversial issues. If you can argue moderates aren’t consistent, they at least don’t adhere to their parties like a line of ants.

McCain has frequently been this way when it comes to certain issues as a way toward a common agreement with some of her liberal friends. Then again, let’s make no mistake she’s a Trump supporter. The unease of this is more than palpable on The View lately, making McCain an edgy host and likely why viewers keep tuning in.

Her comment about regretting the “Crooked Hillary” line might have placed a new line in the sand to her fellow conservatives about admitting when they’re wrong. The Trump era we’re living in set a precedent to never admit you’re wrong, which is the worst thing to happen when attempting to find common ground on politics.

Anyone looking for where the real divisions are in our country can start with the problem of always thinking one is right, no matter what.

Some conservatives look at Meghan McCain as the odd woman out

On social media, you’ll notice a lot of hardcore conservatives have gone after McCain for saying what she did about Clinton. Everyone should have expected this considering she’s not always the darling of the conservative party, just like her dad.

We all remember the lessons John McCain gave us on being more civil in politics while sometimes deviating from political viewpoints to do what’s ethically right. Meghan McCain is clearly trying to live up to her father’s approach, including taking The View job in the first place because her father encouraged it.

Should McCain stay on The View, let’s hope she can at least convince other Republican women in her age bracket to think for themselves and not be afraid to admit they’re wrong if blindly going along with their political pack.

As for the rest, we might as well expect they’ll never change unless something overly profound happens.