‘The View’: Meghan McCain Reveals She Didn’t Want to Work on the Show

As the right-wing conservative commentator on The View, Meghan McCain is routinely in the news. The daughter of the late Arizona senator John McCain, Meghan McCain was born into a wealthy political family. She has used her status to become a voice for many people in her party, especially women and those who don’t feel as though they have a voice in the political workings of the country. Viewers don’t always agree with McCain, and she is frequently booed, but many can’t imagine The View without her. Still, there was a time when McCain was wary of joining such an iconic show.

Meghan McCain’s early career

Meghan McCain
Meghan McCain | Heidi Gutman/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Born in 1984 to John and Cindy McCain, Meghan McCain’s life was surrounded by the inner workings of Washington’s political scene. Raised in Arizona, McCain interned at Saturday Night Live and ran a blog called “McCain’s Blogette,” featuring posts about fashion, music, beauty, and, of course, politics. McCain was with her parents on the campaign trail during John McCain’s 2008 presidential bid, and Meghan McCain took the opportunity to document her experiences on her blog.

In 2009, McCain’s efforts in the political arena started ramping up and she became a contributing writer for The Daily Beast, which led to a role as an MSNBC contributor several years later. While many fans loved McCain’s no-nonsense attitude and socially liberal philosophies, others took issue with the feisty blonde, accusing her of being spoiled or of using her privilege in irresponsible ways.

If McCain heard the critics, she paid them no mind, blazing ahead and carving her own trail in the field of political commentary. In the summer of 2015, McCain joined the staff of Fox News as a contributor. Her position at the network gave her a much larger audience, and soon, everyone knew of McCain. It was also that position which led to her biggest career moment to date, an offer of a job at one of the most controversial programs on daytime television.

Why did Meghan McCain not want to join ‘The View’?

In 2017, McCain got the opportunity of a lifetime when she was offered a hosting gig on The View. McCain would be filling the shoes of Elizabeth Hasselbeck, a conservative commentator who had been the subject of much controversy over the years. Hasselbeck was notorious for her shouting matches with fellow hosts including Rosie O’Donnell, who’s liberal philosophies Hasselbeck strongly opposed. It’s no wonder that McCain had some initial reservations about accepting the job.

In a recent interview with Elle, McCain reveals that at first, she wanted to turn down the position on The View. She admits that at the time, the show didn’t seem to “have a lot of direction” and it wasn’t the type of show that she really wanted to work on. It took some advice from her father, John McCain, to turn her perspective around. He told her that working with Whoopi Goldberg was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and ultimately talked her into accepting the role.

How long will Meghan McCain stay on ‘The View’?

Admittedly, McCain’s time on the show has been fraught with turmoil. Her tense disagreements with fellow host Joy Behar have become the stuff of internet gold, and McCain admitted in her interview that there is some truth to their friction. Still, in spite of the fact that countless tabloids claim McCain is on her way out the door at The View, she probably won’t be leaving the show as quickly as everyone seems to think. After all, she has only been on the show for two years, a relatively short time span compared to many other hosts on The View. Plus, the show provides McCain with a platform to showcase her opinions and ideas to thousands of people β€” and for a political commentator, that’s a dream come true.