‘The View’: Meghan McCain Says NBC’s Loss of Darlene Love Is ABC’s Gain

78-year-old songstress Darlene Love became a Christmas music legend over the years. After her #1 1962 hit “He’s a Rebel,” Love became famous for her holiday classic “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home),” released on the Phil Spector-produced album A Christmas Gift for You from Phil Spector. Love was even eventually named one of the 100 Greatest Singers by Rolling Stone.

From 1986 to 2014, Love was a classic part of a musical Christmas tradition for many TV viewers. Every year on the last episode before the holiday, Love performed “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” on Late Night With David Letterman and its successor, Late Show With David Letterman.

After the show was cancelled, ABC’s The View inherited the traditon. Love has performed the song on The View each year since 2015, singing duets with Bryan Adams, Fantasia, and Patti LaBelle.

But recently, the singer has been speaking out against age-related discrimination in the music industry. The View host Meghan McCain had Love’s back on social media.

Darlene Love
Darlene Love | Debra L Rothenberg/Getty Images

Love called out NBC for choosing young singers over her

Darlene Love took to her Facebook page on Dec. 4 to criticize NBC for passing her over once again to perform “Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home)” on NBC’s annual holiday tree lighting special, Christmas in Rockefeller Center. Pitch Perfect star Skylar Astin and Glee star Alex Newell, who will soon be appearing on NBC’s Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, performed the song instead.

Love, who performs as part of a Christmas musical tour each year, expressed her frustrations about ageism in the music industry. “Once again I was snubbed by Brad Lachman Productions who produce the Rockefeller Christmas Tree lighting ceremony and instead they book another artist to perform my song ‘Christmas Baby, Please Come Home’ each year!! Such an insult and let down!” she wrote.

The singer added that she was frustrated by the network booking “young artists” instead of her, adding that NBC said they’d only have her perform if “Bette Midler or Bruce Springsteen would do it” with her. “That’s my song and I’m still alive. Show me some respect!” Love demanded.

She concluded with a message about how disappointing the industry can be for older singers. “This business can be so unfair at times. Don’t get me wrong, I’m TRULY blessed for what I have accomplished at 78 years of age but it’s still a constant struggle to stay relevant and convince those who control the industry that I’m worth it,” Love asserted.

The singer encouraged her fans to tune in to ‘The View’

Love also took the opportunity to praise The View for welcoming her into the fold, asking fans to ignore politics and simply tune in for the music.

“In the meantime, PLEASE tune in to The View on 12/20 to watch me perform MY song with a very special guest. I know some of you object to me doing The View but PLEASE just put aside your political views for me this one time,” she requested.

The singer praised ABC for treating her with respect since she began performing there annually in 2015. “The producers at ABC treat me very well and with respect,” said Love. “They produce my entire segment, pay my entire band, singers and me too and cover all my expenses. Most other TV shows require ME to pay them $15,000 to $20,000 to perform. I don’t have that kind of money and [am] not signed to a label.”

Later, Love teased on Facebook that her special duet guest was “super sexy” and “one of the top young R&B vocalists in the biz currently.”

Meghan McCain expressed her support for Love on Twitter

Meghan McCain, one of The View‘s most well-known hosts, took to Twitter to express her support for Love and her gratitude that ABC was able to revive the “Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home)” tradition.

“Hands down one of the best parts of being a co-host of ⁦@TheView⁩ is getting to hear Darlene Love sing Christmas (baby, please come home) live for our show tradition,” she wrote on Dec. 6. “It’s her song, no one performs it better. All I have to say is it’s NBC’s huge loss.”

Fans flocked to the post to agree with McCain. Fox News journalist Dagen McDowell wrote under McCain’s comment, “Darlene Love is an American treasure. I’ll be watching and cheering and crying.”

Another fan couldn’t agree more that Love was finally getting the respect she was due. “A favorite tradition in our family…. going way back to Letterman,” they wrote. “The snow falls! I am glad you all picked her up. I need this every Christmas!”