‘The View’: Meghan McCain Appears to Have Taken a Step Back After Recent Backlash For Her Attitude

Ever since Meghan McCain joined The View, she has been at the center of controversy for the way she behaves on the show. While many appreciate her view points and feel what she brings to the table is entirely necessary, others have slammed her for getting too aggressive during political debates and even calling out certain audience members. After one outburst on last week’s show saw plenty of backlash from fans, McCain appears to have toned things down in an effort to rebuild her reputation.

Meghan McCain with 'The View' co-hosts
Meghan McCain (far right) with her ‘The View’ co-hosts | Jeff Neira/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

McCain joined ‘The View’ back in 2017

The former Fox News contributor was brought on to the show back in 2017, after previous host Jedidiah Bila left suddenly. McCain was excited about the gig, as it was something she had never done before. When she was first cast as the show’s newest co-host (and the lone conservative on the panel), she told ABC that her father, late senator John McCain, was the first person she told. The show has since brought on conservative Abby Huntsman, however McCain has received the brunt of criticism from those who dislike the way she handles arguments.

She has been known to have aggressive debates with other co-hosts

Since McCain joined the show, she has definitely made her presence known. McCain has, on several occasions, been involved in heated debates with other co-hosts. Specifically, she tends to butt heads with Joy Behar, who has entirely different political views from the senator’s daughter. McCain also shows apparent distaste whenever she’s interrupted or cut off during an argument, which has led some to criticize the way she handles herself during the political segments on the show.

Last week, McCain even lashed out at an audience member

Though McCain typically only faces problems with the co-hosts, last week, she made a comment to an audience member, which many viewers felt was unnecessary. People took to social media sites such as Twitter to suggest McCain had gone too far and should be fired from the show. “How has she not been fired,” one person tweeted. “Meghan McCain needs to be ‘let go’ from The View. No one wants to hear her snarky opinions,” another fan posted. Though rumors have stirred about McCain leaving, a spokesperson from the show remains adamant that the network is happy to have her, and she won’t be going anywhere any time soon.

Since last week, McCain has appeared more calm and collected on the show

After receiving poor reviews from fans for her behavior last week, McCain appears to have checked her attitude. She’s become more calm and collected on this week’s shows. On Thursday’s show, The View co-hosts discussed the upcoming democratic debate — a topic that could have easily seen a rise out of McCain. However, she kept her cool and didn’t overreact to anyone’s remarks, even agreeing with Behar on several points. It’s possible her producers discussed her work behavior with her, or maybe she realized she doesn’t want to build a negative reputation among fans. Either way, we’re rooting for her, as shows like The View do need opposing political opinions in order to make for a more bipartisan program.