The Internet is Demanding a Whoopi Goldberg ‘Girl, Please Stop Talking’ Meme

One of the best things that the Internet has gifted us with is the creation of meme and gif culture. From Keke Palmer’s hilarious “sorry to this man” to Spongebob’s “Alright, Imma head out,” so much fun and humor can be crafted from memes. Now, the Internet has set their sights on a new meme courtesy of the popular talk show, The View. In case you missed it, Whoopi Goldberg finally got just a fed up as viewers of the show leading her to tell her problematic co-host Meghan McCain, “Girl, please stop talking.”

Whoopi Goldberg co-host of The View
Whoopi Goldberg | photo by Marco Piraccini/Archivio Marco Piraccini/Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images

Whoopi Goldberg tells The View co-host, Meghan McCain, to stop talking

While discussing impeachment, Goldberg and McCain traded several verbal jabs. McCain insisted that she was merely trying to give voice to a more conservative perspective, but Goldberg maintained that she was fed up with the McCain’s penchant for talking over people.

“Girl, please stop talking,” Goldberg finally stated. “Please stop talking now,” she implored. A shocked McCain quickly fired back, “No problem. I won’t talk the rest of the show.” Never one to back down, Goldberg had no problem sharing that she was fine with McCain remaining silent for the duration of the episode.“I’m OK with that. I’m OK with that. If you are going to behave like this,” the EGOT winner added.

Goldberg and McCain are trending on Twitter

News of the argument quickly made it past The View and into mainstream culture. Shortly after the segment aired, both Goldberg and McCain began trending on Twitter. The popular site, The Shade Room even reposted the confrontation to their Instagram page. “Whew Chile, #Whoopi has absolutely had it with Meghan McCain…and things got really heated on #TheView earlier today!! 😩😬,” they commented on the video clip that they posted to their page.

The overwhelming majority of The View fans seemed to side with Goldberg, as did people who aren’t fans with the show. “Good! Cuz Megan always over talking folks and be loud and WRONG. This was long overdue. She don’t [sic] know how to have a healthy debate. She listens to defend what she feels instead of listening to understand. She annoys me so much,” one longtime fan of The View wrote on Twitter.

The Internet demands a “Girl, please stop talking” meme

But, fans of The View weren’t the only ones who sided with Goldberg. In fact, many people loved Goldberg’s response so much that they demanded it be made into a meme. Plenty of people said Goldberg had the exact energy of what they’re trying to carry into the new decade. “Oooh my mood for 2020! Can I get a meme for Whoopi “Girl Please Stop Talking,” one person questioned. Other people even thought of situations where the quote could make for a perfect meme. “When your friend says she’s done with him and she’s never back to him again🤣,” another person commented on Instagram. “Where is the girl please stop talking meme, I’m ready,” one fan of The View wrote.

Moods, gifs, and merch

Other people on the Internet felt compelled to cite that it had a similar energy to existing memes. “Issa new meme, just like reclaiming my time😂,” one person penned on Instagram. Others felt that it would work in gif format also. “WE NEED A GIF,” a long-time fan of The View wrote. Even people who didn’t have much context of the argument demanded new merchandise with the quote on it. “Somebody put it on a t-shirt. I’ll buy it. #2020mood,” one Instagram user penned. Only time will tell if “Girl, please stop talking,” will become a meme or just blow over. But, if it does, it doesn’t bode to well for McCain.