‘The View’: With Whoopi Goldberg Gone, Meghan McCain Acts Like the Moderator, Overstepping Joy Behar

Meghan McCain from The View seems to still have trouble with the format of the show.

Fans of the talk show know that the panel has a moderator that introduces the topics they will be discussing. In the case of the daytime program, it is Whoopi Goldberg that has the duties to lead the debates. Since the Sister Act actress is gone on Fridays, Joy Behar takes over her spot and is the head of the table.

Meghan McCain
Meghan McCain | Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

McCain is the Republican voice at the table, and her duties are to express her opposing views. Lately, she has been overstepping her boundaries as a simple commentator and tried to take on the responsibilities of the moderator.

Take for example, when the ladies got into a heated argument over the impeachment hearings, she tried to send to a commercial break. All the ladies have earpieces to listen to instructions from directors. They can also see indications from producers that are on the floor.

It seemed to be that off-camera they were indicating to Behar they need to wrap up and send to an ad break. To break the tense moment McCain took it upon herself, overstepping the moderator’s duties.

“We have to go to a commercial, really, we have to go to a commercial,” McCain urged while Ana Navarro was trying to make a point.

Producers started playing the theme song, but they only went to commercials after Behar gave the cue.

Fans notice Meghan McCain overreaching

Viewers that tune in to the show every morning know how the format works and have noticed McCain overstepping.

“Get Meghan her own show, she thought she was running things today,” a viewer commented. “She talks over everyone, then demands they let her finish. She was throwing to a commercial like that’s her job too.”

“Despite her call for a break, there was no break [as] a reminder she is not running things,” a fan wrote. “Don’t know if this is some bizarre demonstration of white privilege? How unfortunate, Meghan McCain seems unable to appreciate the tremendous opportunity to work with The View co-hosts.”

“Meghan needs to have respect for the other co-hosts when they are talking,” another viewer said. “She thinks she runs the show when Whoopi is gone.”

Meghan McCain had acknowledged Whoopi Goldberg’s role

Prior to this incident, McCain had seemed to realize why Goldberg was the moderator and not her. When the latter was about to introduce a topic and give McCain time to speak about her time attending the Magnitsky Human Rights Awards, she cut her off.

“Can we do this in the next segment because we have no time?” McCain asked looking over to the producer.

“No, no, we made the time for you,” Goldberg added.

“Oh ok, alright… it says ‘we’ll be right back on the prompter,” McCain said confused to which Goldberg replied, “I know, but they’re lying.”

It was at this moment when McCain acknowledged she was “bad with time” and that is why Goldberg is the moderator on the panel.

“Ok, I’m sorry. I’m totally bad with time. That’s why I’m not the moderator Whoopi,” she said.

That moment gave fans hope that McCain was growing up and learning how The View worked and how live television worked. The conservative co-host seemingly acknowledged her role on the show and allowed Goldberg her place as the leader of the panel.

The View airs weekdays at 11 a.m. ET and 10 a.m. PT/CT.