‘The View’: Whoopi Goldberg Fires Back at Meghan McCain and Fans Celebrate

Whoopi Goldberg is the moderator of The View and presents the “Hot Topics” the ladies talk about every day. On Tuesday’s episode, things got a little fiery with Meghan McCain during a crossfire discussion. The “Sister Act” actress is usually able to maintain her composure when talking to McCain, but this time, she fired back.

Whoopi Goldberg and Meghan McCain
Whoopi Goldberg and Meghan McCain | Lou Rocco/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images /

Impeachment talk is too hot to handle

The panelists on The View started off the show talking about possible impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump. Rumblings of Democrats inquiring about the procedure came after the president admitted to holding funds for Ukraine until European countries paid their fair share.

Whistleblower reports state that Trump might have been holding money, in exchange for an investigation about Joe Biden’s son. The information would allegedly be used to hurt the Democratic presidential candidate’s campaign. If the latter turns out to be true it would definitely be an impeachable offense.

McCain argued at the table that impeaching Trump would hand him another term as president.

“Unleash the kraken. Because honestly, if you’re not going to listen to Nancy Pelosi about the political implications of this, just impeach him then. See what happens politically,” she said. “Because what happened with Clinton in the ’90s really ended up hurting Republicans, and I think and many historians of politics believe that it helped get Clinton re-elected.”

“Just impeach him them,” McCain added. “Because quite frankly, I’m sick of hearing everybody bitch about it. Just do it.”

Meghan McCain and Whoopi Goldberg spar

Goldberg weighed in on the issue saying she needs someone at the White House that she could trust. She recalled not liking George W. Bush as president but agreed with him on his immigration plan.

“Let me just counter that one second,” McCain interrupted. “I’ve watched a lot of clips of The View from when [President George W.] Bush was running, my dad was running, and [Mitt] Romney was running. And it sounds a lot the same. You were calling for Bush’s impeachment at one time. So again there’s a certain point when Republicans watching, you are sounding an alarm at all times. So it’s hard to differentiate between who you think you can trust. Because 10 years ago, you couldn’t trust Bush, you couldn’t trust Romney, you couldn’t trust my dad.”

“I’m sorry … let me be clear about me and Republicans. I’ve been friends with Republicans my whole life,” Goldberg said. McCain asked if she trusted them in a position of power to which Goldberg replied, “Sometimes, yeah. I grew up with Republicans in power. As I said, I don’t like all the things that they do.”

“The nostalgia for Bush right now always entertains me,” McCain said in a mocking manner.

“Well I’m glad you’re entertained,” Goldberg fired back. “If you can’t see right now why people are upset about this…”

“Of course I see why people are upset,” McCain said.

“Well then don’t be so dismissive when you’re talking,” Goldberg added before shooting to a commercial break.

Fans react to the drama

Viewers watching at home were quick to react to the ladies sparring on live television. Since McCain joined The View, Goldberg has been particularly easy on her and has always mothered her. During the last couple of months, Goldberg seems to have lost patience for McCain who regularly cuts her off and yells over her to get her point across.

Fans loved the exchange and the way Goldberg handled herself in the situation.

“Is Whoopi finally over Meghan?” a fan asked using a GIF of Kenya Moore from RHOA crossing her fingers.

“Whelp! Meghan p***ed off Whoopi, she’s finally had enough,” another Twitter user said using the GIF of Meryl Streep agreeing at the Oscars.

“I missed Auntie Whoopi giving it to Meghan. Meghan [is] going to realize [that The View] is not your show, it’s people with different views. Everybody [doesn’t] have to agree but [you’re] not going to disrespect your elders,” another loyal watcher posted.

“Wow! I never thought I would see Whoopi pushing back at Meghan. Whoopi shut that s*** down, y’all. Will [Meghan McCain] stomp off stage again? Hope so, and stay gone,” another viewer wrote.

As the presidential elections heat up, we are sure the “Hot Topics” table will be just as scorching. The passion that these ladies have for politics is awesome and they really spark conversation about social issues that affect us all.