‘The View’: Whoopi Goldberg Revealed the Tragedy That Triggered Her Fear of Flying

Whoopi Goldberg of The View is known for telling it like it is. Often exuding confidence and strength, Goldberg is not someone who would be considered as having a fearful personality.

Though the daytime talk show host may be courageous in some areas of her life, the EGOT winner has previously revealed she is afraid of flying. After witnessing a tragic event, Goldberg opted for ground travel only.

Whoopi Goldberg of 'The View'
Whoopi Goldberg of ‘The View’ | John Lamparski/WireImage

Whoopi Goldberg saw two planes collide

In a 2011 interview with Piers Morgan, Goldberg shared some details on what caused her fear of flying.

“I don’t like it … I feel like I shouldn’t be flying,” she told Morgan. “There was a mid-air collision 30 years ago when I was living in San Diego. If you’ve ever been in San Diego, if you stand on a balcony anywhere in the city, you can see everything. And we happened to be… on the balcony.”

The EGOT winner actually got choked up describing the tragic, even though several decades have past.

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“We saw it happen. My little one was very little at the time so she doesn’t have a memory of it,” Goldberg said, needing to take a breath before continuing. “And it was… still hard. I just… just hard.”

‘The View’ star considers herself a ‘visualist’

The Sister Act star explained what caused the crash, struggling with the thought of the fear the passengers must have felt.

“What they discovered later on is that the people on the plane were aware that they were in some danger,” Goldberg remarked. “I think the person who was in the smaller plane had had a heart attack, so the bigger plane, really, there was no way to figure out where to go. And I just feel for folks in a situation like that, who see something that they’re not sure they’re gonna be able to live through.”

Goldberg revealed why the incident has remained with her all these years, causing her anxiety over air travel.

“That’s what stayed in my mind,” the Oscar winner noted. “Because I’m a visualist. So if I see it, it lives in my brain, so I always see it.”

Whoopi Goldberg fights her fear when necessary

When Sister Act hit the London stage in 2009, Goldberg served as producer as well as donning her habit to reprise her role. Requiring her to travel across the pond gave the Ghost star the motivation she needed to stare down her fear of flying.

Participating in Sir Richard Branson and Virgin Atlantic’s Flying Without Fear program, Goldberg utilized education, practical experience and the special psychological techniques of Thought Field Therapy (TFT) to help her through her journey.

According to Page Six, Goldberg was further assisted by chartering a private jet and having a doctor join her on the trip, equipped with sedatives if necessary. She felt energized by her courage.

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“I had a guy with me, but I didn’t need it,” The View star said. “I’m kinda proud.” 

While flying is still not Goldberg’s favorite mode of travel, she doesn’t let her fear hold her back from professional or personal opportunities.