‘The View’s’ Meghan McCain Gives a Great Response to a Fat Shamer on Twitter

Meghan McCain of ABC’s The View never has a problem speaking her mind. Often the lone conservative voice at the table, McCain can sometimes be subjected to negative comments on social media, and even from the live audience. “The audience is extremely combative,” she told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live. “The booing and heckling, it’s a lot everyday… I’m paid to give a different view, and so I would like us all, when people come, to roll it back.”

McCain has also shared that she has had to endure fat shaming over the years, where she recently took a Twitter user to task for some highly thoughtless comments.

Meghan McCain on "Watch What Happens Live"
“The View’s” Meghan McCain | Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

A hot topic

The subject of fat shaming has been in the headlines recently due to highly publicized comments made by talk show host Bill Maher. “Fat shaming doesn’t need to end, it needs to make a comeback,” Maher said in late August, according to Time Magazine. “Some amount of shame is good. We shamed people out of smoking and into wearing seat belts. We shamed them out of littering and most of them out of racism. Shame is the first step in reform.”

Another talk show host took to the airwaves to publicly disagree with Maher’s opinion. James Corden of The Late Late Show with James Corden delivered a heartfelt response to Maher’s comments. “Fat-shaming never went anywhere. Ask literally any fat person. We are reminded of it all the time,” Corden said. “There’s a common and insulting misconception that fat people are stupid and lazy, and we’re not… We know that being overweight isn’t good for us and I’ve struggled my entire life trying to manage my weight and I suck at it. I’ve had good days and bad months.”

The popular British comedian concluded his speech with some advice for Maher. “In the meantime, Bill, while you’re encouraging people to think about what goes into their mouths,” he said, “just think a little harder about what comes out of yours.” Corden’s commentary was met with rousing applause from the audience.

Responding on Twitter

McCain has previously revealed that she is no stranger to being the subject of fat shaming. She recently was the target of this sort of bullying in a social media post by a Twitter user.

According to Yahoo! Lifestyle, McCain posted a photo of herself along with fellow co-host from The View Abby Huntsman earlier this week to show they were both wearing pink to support Breast Cancer Awareness month. “Wearing pink for breast cancer awareness month! Sending love and strength to those fighting it and the survivors – we are with you,” McCain captioned the tweet.

A follower decided to post a highly unnecessary and irrelevant comment to McCain, writing, “How many pounds ago was that profile picture?
Jenny Craig, NutriSystem or Weight Watchers (WW) would endorse you without hesitation.”

Taking the high road, McCain addressed the comment with some pointed reminders of why fat shaming is never acceptable. “[It’s] harassment like this that can lead women to eating disorders. I am one of the lucky ones who never suffered from it,” McCain responded on Twitter. “I never dieted to get a man or a job and [somehow] landed my dream [for] both — hope young girls see me and know they don’t have to diet either.”

The offensive tweet directed at McCain has since been deleted.

Noting a past comment

McCain has alluded to utilizing this type of negativity as motivation.  “I want to say if I weren’t fat-shamed, I wouldn’t have a career,” she recently said when The View panel was discussing the Maher/Cordon topic, according to Newsweek. “Laura Ingraham said I was too plus-sized to be on TV. Shout out to Laura, I’m on The View and you’re not!”

McCain was referring to the Fox News anchor’s 2009 comments, where Ingraham apparently mocked McCain saying she didn’t get a “role in the Real World” on MTV because “they don’t like plus-sized models.”

This is not the first time McCain has mentioned Ingraham. In a 2016 interview, she credited Ingraham for bringing her name to the forefront. “I think she launched my career. When I was only 24, she was talking about my body on her radio show. I just want to thank her for my career. She’s the person who got me national attention. That’s all I have to say about that.”

Hopefully McCain’s words responding to the unfortunate fat-shaming comment will inspire social media users to think twice before posting anything negative and unnecessary.