‘The Voice’: The Best (and Worst) Performances of Season 10

Season 10 has finally wrapped up, and it was full of amazing performances. The great thing about the show is that it covers all genres from blues to pop music. It also is all about focusing on the voice. Many performances really resonated with audiences to where they made it to the top of the iTunes charts. But which ones were actually the best? These are the best and worst performances of the season.


3. Lacy Mandigo, “Zombie”

The contestant had an interesting journey on the show. She got stolen multiple times, so she had three different coaches. Part of that could be her lackluster performances including this one. The beautiful singer took on The Cranberries’ technical hit. However she just wasn’t able to do it justice in the short time she was given. The song did nothing for her voice, and she had to end her performance on a really weird note.

2. Maya Smith, “No One”

Maya Smith flounders in her battle against Tamar Davis. The singer has a beautiful voice and the Alicia Keys hit should have been able to show it off. However, it seems like nerves got the best of her. The happy and sweet song should build into a powerful chorus, but Maya never quite gets there. She basically goes through the motions of the performance and somewhat gets off key and becomes pitchy.

1. Joe Maye, “Earned It”

In his knock-out round against Kata Hay, the contestant went with a popular hit, but it didn’t impress. The Fifty Shade of Grey song is definitely sexy and shows some kind of range. However Joe didn’t quite follow through on some of the simpler notes, and seemingly rushed through it by the end. It also doesn’t help that he tried to seductively dance through the song but it came across more awkward than sexy.


5. Tamar Davis, “Chain of Fools”

The backup singer started off strong in the competition with her blind audition being this classic. Her powerful voice was able to do the Aretha Franklin song justice and got Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton to turn around. It’s no surprise that she was able to roll with rock stars like Prince given her range and technique. She chose Christina and sadly she wasn’t able to make it very far in the show, but her audition is unforgettable.

4. Paxton Ingram, “Break Every Chain”

The singer did a lot of pop songs, but it just shows that sometimes you need to do something new. He killed it with this gospel song. The slow build of the song emotionally takes the listener on a journey. Paxton is able to get there emotionally for the performance and stand out with a choir behind him. There hasn’t been any performance like it this season. However, the only thing wrong with the performance is that Paxton chose to do it so early, making him peak too early in the competition.

3. Mary Sarah, “Where the Boys Are”

The country singer was certainly a favorite on the show. She has many amazing performances, but her first one was a stand out. Her high and classic voice is definitely an attention grabber with the song choice. “You actually sound like you’re from that era,” commented Blake after the performance, and he was right. The song choice was so good that all four judges turned their chairs. She ended up on team Blake and was able to make it all the way to the finals.

2. Laith Al-Saadi, “Make It Rain”

The blues singer has been a strong contender throughout the show. But the one song that really brought down the house was “Make It Rain.” It’s one of those songs that really builds in order to show his range. It was also able to highlight his amazing growl, which is perfect for the moody song. If there is any wonder how Laith became an iTunes chart topper or a finalist, this performance would answer that question.

1. Alisan Porter, “Blue Bayou”

The winner has had many stunning performances, but many who voted for her still would argue that her audition is the most memorable. The child Curley Sue actress went on stage and sang Linda Ronstadt’s song only to turn around all four chairs. Her voice in the performance showed the potential of her being a powerhouse, giving emotional performances, and her eventual win. After she was done Christina Aguilera had to get up on stage to stake her claim on the contestant, which is pretty rare. It’s quite clear now that she pretty much had this season in the bag with this performance.

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