‘The Voice’: Blake Shelton Posts a Picture with Darius Rucker Showing They Have the Same Taste in Fashion

Blake Shelton might not have his friend, Adam Levine on The Voice anymore. But he has invited another friend to help him this season.

That is Darius Rucker and we already got to see how he’s helping Team Blake. Shelton revealed he has similar taste in fashion as Rucker. Find out how and more about their time together.

Blake Shelton picked Darius Rucker as his battle advisor for season 17

The teams are now going through battle rounds this season. That means they’ll be matched with another team member and fighting to stay on the team.

This is also when they get more help from another celebrity. Shelton picked Darius Rucker known for Hootie and the Blowfish to help this season. Rucker is a fan of the country singer.

“First of all, he’s so funny and the thing that really makes him a great coach is he’s so genuine. Blake is never BS, ever,” he told Entertainment Tonight. “He’s honest and like I’ve told him, me and my family watch the show religiously. We watch it all the time and, you know, Blake is always honest with them and he’s always got something cool to say.”

Shelton had a funny way of complimenting the mentor. “Darius Rucker is the perfect choice for, I would say, anything in my life. I mean, I have been drinking,” he said.

Shelton joked about losing a Grammy to Rucker

Blake Shelton on 'The Voice'
Blake Shelton on ‘The Voice’ | Trae Patton/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

We saw blind auditions end with all four coaches filling their teams. They then jumped into the battle rounds.

Shelton put Josie Jones and Kat Hammock in a battle together. Rucker was there to help them practice.

“I wouldn’t have made it past the auditions on these shows. These guys are so good,” said Rucker. He’s also a fan of The Voice. “I watched the show for so many years. I wanted to become an advisor so I could give a little bit of advice on how I did it.”

Shelton has been friends with Rucker for some time. Shelton joked about how Rucker blocked him from a Grammy. This is because Jones said the first song she she learned how to play on the guitar was Rucker’s’ version of “Wagon Wheel.”

“I haven’t been nominated for a Grammy very many times,” said Shelton. “The one time I thought I had a shot was freakin’ ‘Wagon Wheel’ year. Darius won his 50th Grammy.” Rucker corrected him saying it was his third.

He joked they have the same taste in shoes

The singers have more in common than music. They like their boots and Shelton pointed that out by posting a picture of them filming together wearing them.

Some fans tweeted about getting a pair for themselves. “That does it! I’m getting me some boots…. I know I’d dance better in boots.. less then an hour and #TheVoice is on,” one person tweeted.

His fans seemed to be thrilled to have Rucker on the show. “Riding down the road listening to Wagon Wheel thinking he would make a great advisor and my phone goes off showing this tweet,” one fan tweeted.

Fans will have to wait and see what else will happen during the battle rounds. That includes what kind of advice Rucker will have for the team.