‘The Voice’: Do Blake Shelton and Adam Levine Still Talk to Each Other?

Watching the battles and good-natured joking between Blake Shelton and Adam Levine was a big reason viewers fell in love with singing competition show, The Voice. The two guys developed a great friendship during their time on the show together.

But now that Levine has left The Voice, is the relationship still the same between him and Shelton? Do they still find the time to talk one another? 

Blake Shelton and Adam Levine had a great friendship on ‘The Voice’

Blake Shelton and Adam Levine
Blake Shelton and Adam Levine | Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

While working together on The Voice, Shelton and Levine built a strong friendship. They’re so close that their relationship is often referred to as a “Bromance,” although they’ve denied that term applies to them. While speaking with People, Levine addressed the nickname for their relationship. “Can we please kill that stupid term?” he said. “We’re just friends. It’s called friendship!”

While they don’t like to be called a “Bromance,” Shelton and Levine are perfectly fine with admitting that they’re best friends. On an episode of The Voice, Levine told a contestant who was trying to decide between the two of them. “He’s one of my best friends. I love him to pieces.” 

Shelton has voiced similar thoughts when referring to Levine, although his love was tainted with some healthy competition. “He’s one of the best friends I have but I still want to kill him sometimes,” Shelton said. 

Shelton was disappointed when Levine left ‘The Voice’

When Levine left The Voice, it took Shelton some time to get used to not having his pal around. “It’s weird to not have Adam here because I don’t know who to be mad at,” he told Extra before admitting that he’s turned most of his temper toward Kelly Clarkson, who now sits in Levine’s seat on the set.

Clarkson seems to take it all in good nature though, laughing as Shelton admitted he uses her as a replacement for the jokes he’d previously thrown at Levine. But that doesn’t mean Shelton doesn’t miss having Levine there. “It sucks not having Adam on the show,” Shelton told Access Daily. “He’s been there since the beginning, and it’s hard not to have somebody that stupid to make fun of. Everybody here now, they’re more talented, and he’s not here to kick around.” 

However, there is one thing that makes it all better for Shelton- having his girlfriend, Gwen Stefani on the show to joke around with. The couple has great chemistry and love to be competitive with one another, so it’s a lot of fun for the audience to watch. 

Shelton and Levine still talk regularly 

Although they don’t work in the show together anymore, Shelton and Levine still make time for their friendship. As any modern long-distance relationship will, Shelton and Levine use FaceTime to stay in touch. “I am just as much in contact with Adam as the first season on the show,” Shelton told Extra before admitting that they FaceTime’d for 45 minutes the other night. “We had a lot to catch up on,” he said. 

In his interview with Access Daily, Shelton again admitted that he has long conversations with Levine. “We talk. We never have lost contact,” Shelton told hosts, Mario Lopez, and Kit Hoover. “Literally last week… I had been drinking for a few hours, and I don’t know what he was doing, but I was at home in Oklahoma, by myself, and we ended up FaceTiming each other for 45 minutes, just nonsense talk.”

When asked what the conversation was about, Shelton remained vague but admitted it was stuff they’d never say on TV. He also touched on their deep level of friendship. “We’ll be friends from now on.”