‘The Voice’ Fans Are Shocked This Contestant Made It As Far as He Did

The Voice has long been credited for discovering and molding some of the most unique and talented vocalists out there. While belters and whistle register powerhouses — who come on to show off their chops via a Mariah Carey classic — always find a team, so do the country artists with a charming drawl and the rockers who offer a bit of pop with each tune. 

The Voice
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While an eclectic group of artists enters the competition each year— satisfying various listeners — certain singers seem to float to the finals without deserving a place at the top. Currently in its seventeenth season, it seems that The Voice is still carrying certain vocalists to the end who fans may feel should have already been eliminated.  Many fans argue that one contestant, who was very recently eliminated, made it much further than they would have expected.

Shane Q failed to make the top 8, but fans wonder if he should have made it to the top 10 on ‘The Voice’

No one will deny it — Shane Q is one talented singer. He’s got a soft voice with a solid range, perfectly complementing his recent rendition of Roberta Flack’s “Killing Me Softly,” yet, did he grow enough on the show to make it to the top ten? Shane Q was eliminated on Tuesday, but based on fan discussions about the singer, many were surprised to see him make it that far. 

Many fans note that the artist had a great deal of potential, but he failed to hone his strengths and minimize his weaknesses while competing. One fan of The Voice commented: 

Yeah, the guy had potential but he hasn’t grown as an artist AT ALL. A shame, I feel like someone with the psychological know how, could really push him out of the comfort zone he appears to have settled into…

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Many fans chimed in to concur with the above sentiment, arguing that he settled into a sound, into a type of approach that failed to change with time. Thus, many fans were shocked to see him go before one specific contestant.

Many fans were shocked when Max went home before Shane Q

A little while back on the show, Max Boyle was eliminated and, let’s just say, this decision was a shock to the system for many at home. Fans thought this would be the night Shane Q departed. Fans stated:

I’m convinced the votes were rigged or messed up when Max got sent home. Like really less votes than Shane Q??

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I thought Shane should have gone home over Max.

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Many fans acknowledge that Shane is a strong singer, and he deserved to compete on the show, yet made it further than they would have expected. Fans noted that the negative feedback coaches used to willingly dish— actual constructive criticism — has reduced on the show, leaving certain contestants less likely to improve across time.